Staten Island Coin Review

Staten Island Coin Review

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Staten Island Coin is a coin made in the USA. These coins are not only minted in America, but they also contain some of the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes.

This coin is a classic souvenir piece; it commemorates an event or memory you want to keep with you forever.

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Products - Staten Island Coin

Staten Island Coin Review

Staten Island Coins are available in copper and nickel silver plating on bronze planchets. The sizes range from 1" diameter to 1/2".

The coins are stamped from metal sheets of various thicknesses that are machined into the dies. The dies are hand-carved by stamping masters, who also inscribe the details.

The press can stamp up to 1500 pieces an hour at a force of up to 1000 tons. This stamping allows for quality and speed that produces the highest quality coin possible.

It is not recommended to machine wash or place in a dishwasher because it may cause tarnishing (which will wear off over time). The image is permanent and will never wear off.

An authorized United States Mint vendor distributed this product.


Staten Island Coin was owned by Ray Farrugia, a co-founder of Staten Island Coin and Sons, Inc. He was a very innovative man who created many products and designs that are still used today.

He is responsible for making the company public. He worked closely with the committee to create this coin to create a proper way to honor his father. Once he died, it went into continuous Production.

Struck Date

Ray Farrugia created the product in 2011 to honor Ray's father, so the stamping date is from that time. They did so so that they could be proud of their family history. The coin has a proof-like finish, and it is an uncirculated piece with a numismatic value (a way to measure the value of an item).


Staten Island Coin Review

A unique thing about this product is that it is the first coin to honor a Staten Island resident. It has a beautiful design of the Lady Liberty standing in front of the Statue of Liberty. The design is on either side. This design somewhat resembles his father's truck, which has the same type of vehicle on it but with a different color scheme. He worked so hard to ensure that his father's legacy was kept alive, who was his hero and role model.


Staten Island Coin has a 5-star rating out of 5. It was rated by many people who wanted to create a way to honor their fathers or loved ones that have passed away.

Ray Farrugia was the manager of Staten Island Coin and Sons, Inc., and he was the one who created this coin to honor his late father, Frank Farrugia. He worked with other companies that manufacture coins to ensure that he did it correctly and with quality materials.

Pros & Cons of Staten Island Coin


  • High-quality product.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Extremely detailed.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Great gift to remember a loved one.
  • Quality and Speed of processing are fast and efficient.
  • Tarnishing from machine washing may occur.
  • Image on the coin will not wear or come off.
  • Easily recognizable.
  • Generate extra income for owners of the company, who are family members.


  • Not widely available to purchase (online purchase only).
  • Too expensive for some who want to buy it as a gift ( $20-$50 ).
  • Production only takes place once a month.
  • Low quantity available for purchase.
  • If a person buys it as an investment, it will take a long time to see a return on the coin.
  • If a person is looking to have a heavily circulated coin, this may not be the coin for you.
  • This product is not widely available because it is sold online only.
  • Only small quantities of the product are available for purchase.
  • This can be hard to find in your local grocery store, so it may take a while to find.

Final Verdict

Staten Island Coin is producing more coins in honor of other Staten Island heroes who performed wondrous deeds for America and the world.

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The gold Half Dollar Coin is a great way to honor any of your family members who have served our great country. The coin has the Pledge of Allegiance on both sides. With the Statue of Liberty on one side and a military emblem on the other.

It has the words God Bless America and USA, in the middle of both sides. This coin is available in various sizes, including; 1",1 1/2", 2", and 3". This product is made from solid copper and has a proof-like finish.

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