Scottsdale Bullion Reviews

Scottsdale Bullion Reviews

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Scottsdale Bullion is a precious metals company based in Arizona. They serve people throughout the US through their online shop and their retail store. But they're just one of many online bullion dealers in the US. Are their services legit? And if so, then are they the best company to buy from?

  • Product Type: Precious Metals
  • Owner: Eric Sepanek
  • Rating: 3.5/5

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About Scottsdale Bullion

Scottsdale Bullion Reviews

Scottsdale Bullion brands itself as a full-service precious metals company. When you invest in precious metals, they can help you with the purchasing, shipping, and storage. They also have gold IRA services available, for those who want to invest part of their retirement in precious metals.

The company has been operating since 2005. Unlike some gold IRA companies, they don't only stock IRA-approved precious metals. They have a range of coins available in gold, silver, palladium, and platinum. They also have several numismatic rarities available for purchase, which cannot be stored in an IRA.

When you go to the company website, you'll be given a large amount of information about precious metals investment. The Investing 101 and Precious Metals Investing sections tell you everything you need to know about the economy. You can also sign up for a free investment guide, which walks you through all the basics for getting started with precious metals investment.

The company's founder is Eric Sepanek. Prior to creating the company, he worked for years in the precious metals industry. He has a degree from the University of Arizona.

Products and Services

Scottsdale Bullion Reviews

The company website doesn't specifically say whether they work with any storage facilities or custodians. They do explain that you need a custodian if you open a gold IRA. While they state that they are partnered with several custodians, they haven't said exactly which custodians they usually work with.

Similarly, they haven't described their storage options. Different storage companies have facilities located throughout the US and other areas of the globe. The right one for you will vary depending on your needs.

The available products are a combination of palladium, silver, platinum, and gold. There are multiple IRA-approved coins available from several sovereign mints. For example, you can get IRA-approved coins from mints in the US, Canada, Australia, and Austria.

The company does not seem to offer precious metals bars for investment, so if you want those, it's not the best bet.

Is Scottsdale Bullion a Scam?

Scottsdale Bullion Reviews

Scottsdale Bullion definitely doesn't seem like a scam. The Better Business Bureau has given them an accreditation and an A+ rating, indicating high customer satisfaction. Only one complaint has been filed in the past three years. It was related to an issue with a product or service, but the complaint text is not publicly available.

It's likely that the complaint was resolved, given the A+ rating. The complainant may have taken down the complaint at the business's request after the resolution.

There are several customer reviews of the company on the BBB website, all of which give them 5 out of 5 stars based on 5 reviews. The company's Yelp reviews are somewhat more mixed, with 3.5 out of 5 stars based on 14 reviews.

Positive Feedback

Let's take a look at some of the positive feedback, much of which was left within the past year.

One customer mentioned his sales representative by name. He said that the representative was responsive and very good at answering questions during the entire process. He added that he'd definitely do business here again.

Another customer similarly mentioned two sales reps that he'd worked with by name, saying that they were a pleasure. A third customer praised Steve and Michelle for how they handled his gold IRA setup. Steve helped him understand his options and the IRS regulations. He also praised Eric for explaining how the company's costs were set up.

One customer said that he'd made a purchase about five years prior, and he'd been so pleased that he'd continued working with Scottsdale Bullion. The company owner took the time to talk the customer through the entire purchase process, despite the fact that the customer had limited funds for investing. Recently, this customer had opened a gold IRA with their prior 401k, and he'd been very happy with how they helped through the steps.

Negative Feedback

There is no negative feedback on the BBB page, but there are a few negative Yelp reviews.

One customer left a review in February of 2022, stating that he had a terrible experience working with the company representative Richard. He said that when he told Richard that he'd worked with other companies in the past, Richard took issue. Richard also took issue with the customer's questions about numismatics.

The customer said that if a customer wasn't committed to making a purchase immediately, then the sales reps would be hostile. He said that Richard told him to save his number so as not to work with anyone else, but the customer wasn't impressed.

The manager of the business responded to say that he was surprised to hear that the customer had such a problem with Richard, as most people have positive feedback. He said that he'd like to talk further with the customer to make future improvements. In addition, he gave his number and said that he'd like to help answer any of the customer's questions about the precious metals industry.

This does seem to be a good way of handling the situation. It's possible that the customer misinterpreted Richard's tone, or that Richard was just not having his best day at work. Since so much of the other feedback has been positive, this seems like an anomaly.

Another customer left a poor review because Scottsdale Bullion offered significantly less for a buyback purchase than the customer had paid. She believed that she was being ripped off. But she accepted the buyback offer because it was higher than the offer she got anywhere else.

This review doesn't necessarily seem fair. There is never any guarantee that your precious metals investment will gain value over time. Sometimes people do sell at a loss. The customer herself noted that Scottsdale Bullion offered much more than their competitors. So it doesn't seem like the company's fault that the general price of precious metals had dropped.

Pros & Cons of Scottsdale Bullion


  • Accreditation and A+ BBB rating.
  • Many positive reviews of the customer service.
  • Company responds to and resolves all negative complaints.
  • People have praised the IRA services.


  • Several negative reviews on Yelp, though the company has responded to all of them.
  • May not have IRA services as in-depth as some competitors.
  • Relatively little online feedback compared to some competitors.

Final Thoughts

Scottsdale Bullion is a precious metals dealer with a solid reputation. They have resolved every complaint filed against them with the BBB, and there don't seem to be patterns of mismanagement. Though there are a few negative reviews on Yelp, they seem to be related to misunderstandings or miscommunications more than anything else.

Most of the customer feedback has been positive. Customers will specifically mention different sales representatives who were helpful. Several have stated that the company made it easy to roll over funds into an IRA. They also say that the company reps are respectful and attentive, even if the customer has limited funds to invest.

The biggest question is just whether they can outperform their competitors. When it comes to IRA services, there are a few more specialized companies that edge them out. But Scottsdale Bullion does seem to be competently managed, and their bullion prices are competitive. They also offer some of the best buyback prices on the market when the time comes to liquidate your items.

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