Rosland Capital Review

Rosland Capital Review

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Rosland Capital is one of the most popular sources for gold and silver in the United States. Most people hear about them through their robust advertising campaigns. Oftentimes, they run specials where they offer to give you gold just for investing a certain amount.

But once you get past the flashy deals, what do the customers have to say? There are some concerning things that show that Rosland Capital might not have the most solid managerial practices at play.

  • Product Type: Precious Metals
  • Owner: Marin Aleksov
  • Rating: 2.0/5

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About Rosland Capital

Rosland Capital Review

Rosland Capital is one of many online gold companies that also offers precious metals. They provide gold, platinum, palladium, and silver. According to their website, their biggest principles involve public education, customer service, and honesty. Some of the customer reviews do seem to call this into question, though.

The company has a variety of resources that are used to educate customers. In addition, you can sign up to receive ongoing information about the precious metals market. This may include tips for how to diversify your retirement portfolio and hedge against inflation.

In addition to offering IRA retirement services, Rosland Capital sells precious metals for your personal investment portfolio. You can purchase coins or bars and have them delivered to your address without any hassle.

The company has been operating out of California since 2008. The founder has spent 25 years working in the precious metals industry. In addition to their US-based clientele, there are also independent international Rosland Capital companies that serve clients all over the globe.

Rosland Capital maintains a large social media presence. They can be found on Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin. They also have profiles in several business publications like Bloomberg.

Exclusive Coins

Rosland Capital Review

One of the most unique aspects of Rosland Capital is their partnerships with other specialty disciplines. When these other organizations create their own specialized coins, Rosland Capital is the only one who sells them. Some of the organizations that Rosland partners with include:

  • The PGA Tour
  • Formula 1
  • The British Museum

All of the coins from these places are 100% exclusive to Rosland Capital. Depending on the coin, you can purchase them in sizes from 0.25 ounces to 5 kilograms. There's a full lineup of the available specialty coins on the website.

One thing to keep in mind is that these specialty coins cannot be stored in an IRA, so you need to buy them with non-retirement funds. In addition, collectible items like this are a risky investment. If there's no market when you want to liquidate, then you'll have a hard time making back what you paid. With basic bullion, which is priced based closer to the melt value, the risk is lower.

International Rosland Brands

Rosland Capital Review

There are international Rosland companies that serve global consumer bases. But since each of these companies are independent, they don't necessarily work the same way as the original Rosland Capital. They may be able to work with Rosland, but only in the manner of affiliates.

The UK office has been operating out of London since 2014. Since opening, this team has grown to offer a significant range of metals. They help customers to create individual precious metals profiles that reflect their main interests. In addition, they help customers find the numismatic collectibles that they're looking for.

People who work with the UK team have access to new coins, graded circulated coins, and older rare coins. It's a mix of history and modern investment value.

The Rosland GmbH company opened in Germany in 2017. It operates out of Munich currently. In addition to selling basic bullion, the company also sells proof coins and collectible coins. That includes numismatic collectibles that have been professionally graded and proven to have survived through multiple centuries.

Rosland opened a company in France in 2021, operating out of Paris. The main goal of this company is to connect customers with a huge variety of different international coins. They don't focus as much on basic bullion. You can find a variety of French and European coins that may be difficult to find elsewhere. Many of the coin offerings have been professionally graded and appraised.

Is Rosland Capital a Scam?

Rosland Capital Review

Rosland Capital isn't a scam. The company claims to provide precious metals, and they follow through with that. On the Better Business Bureau website, they have an A+ rating and about 4.5 out of 5 stars for customer ratings. Nearly 180 customers have left reviews, indicating that most of them have had positive experiences.

Customers praise the ease of use and the quickness of the shipping. Some have also praised the level of communication from the company.

Unfortunately, though, not all of the feedback is positive. There have been 22 complaints filed over the past three years, seven of which were filed in the last year. Though any company of this size will have to contend with some complaints, this number is very concerning. It seems to show that there are issues with the management if they haven't yet solved the problem.

There have also been six Ripoff Reports written about the company. These largely center around the commission prices. People claim that they were misled about the value of their coins, and in actuality they paid far more than the spot price because of the high commissions.

Customer Complaints

Rosland Capital Review

Let's take a look at some of the most recent complaints. Keep in mind that in order to maintain an A+ with the BBB, Rosland Capital must respond to every complaint and make an effort to resolve the issue. They do seem to have done this. However, multiple customers have complained about the same things, which might point to underlying issues.

Not Paid Spot Price

The most recent complaint as of writing was left in March of 2022. This customer indicated that they rolled over their IRA because of how low the spot price for gold and silver was. They expected to be charged the spot price when they purchased the precious metals.

But instead of charging the spot price, the company charged over $100 per ounce. The customer said that they had invested their life savings into gold and silver. Despite reaching out multiple times in an attempt to talk to the compliance department, they'd never gotten through to a real person. In fact, they'd never even been called back.

Their goal was to transfer their money back to their previous account custodian.

Rosland Capital responded to say that the complaint had been filed one month before. On the same day that the complaint was made, the company's compliance department had gotten in contact with the customer. They had talked with the customer about their precious metals IRA and addressed the customer's concerns. They had no idea that the customer had filed a BBB complaint earlier in the day.

The company stated that they considered the matter to be resolved. The customer never responded to indicate whether they also considered the issue resolved, but they also didn't rebut the information.

Confusing Fee Structures

One complaint, which was posted on the same day as the previous one, was about the fees and pricing of the company. The customer felt that these fees were dishonest.

The customer was looking for a company that could help them roll their IRA into a precious metals IRA. Rosland Capital was running an advertising campaign stating that customers could get bonus metals if they invested a certain dollar amount. They called and spoke with a company representative for an hour in October of 2021.

The customer liked what they heard, so they rolled over their annuity. This incurred an early withdrawal penalty, but the customer was told that the company would reimburse them.

The customer explained that they wanted silver and gold bullion. However, they said that they ended up buying coins that were massively overpriced. They also said that there weren't any coin collectors who had heard of the coins.

The customer was dissatisfied, so they asked for a buyback instead. But the buyback quote they got was significantly lower than what they'd paid. The customer said they wanted to be told about the value of their holdings and the cost of bullion. But the company never called them back, even after they left multiple messages asking for information. Whenever the customer was able to actually connect with someone on the phone, they were told that the representative would "look into things" and call them back. But no one ever called back.

In addition, the customer said that they had been told that the storage cost $100 per year. However, it turned out that it actually cost $400 per year. Though this would normally be an issue for their custodian, their custodian told them to talk to someone at Rosland Capital. But the Rosland representative said they had no knowledge of the higher storage rate.

Rosland replied to say that they had been in touch with the customer. The customer had chosen to sell back everything purchased outside of an IRA. Rosland agreed to reimburse the withdrawal penalty for taking funds from the IRA, and to reimburse initial setup fees with the current custodian.

The customer said that he would keep following up with Rosland Capital about the precious metals held in his IRA. He wanted to sell them back once the buyback price rose high enough for him to break even on the investment.

Lost FedEx Package

A third person had their complaint posted on the same day as the other two, in March of 2022. Their complaint was regarding an order they had placed at the start of the year. They paid by check, and the check was cashed in mid-January.

The coins that the customer ordered were on backorder, which caused shipping delays. They didn't ship out until January 31. The package shipped through FedEx and was sent to a FedEx pickup location. It arrived on February 1.

On the 10th of February, the customer received a text informing them that their package was available for pickup. They had not been given a tracking number or even told that the package had been shipped. The customer had had surgery that day, so they couldn't get to the facility for two more days.

When they arrived, four of five FedEx boxes were there. But one had been returned to Rosland Capital. Each of the four boxes had an empty display case, but none of them had the coins that the customer had bought.

The customer had been trying to get a tracking number or information about the returned package from FedEx or Rosland Capital. But they weren't getting any response.

Rosland replied to say that an insurance claim had been opened on the customer's behalf. However, the customer needed to file a police report. In addition, they said that the complaint had several logistical fallacies that were called into question. They maintained that they had communicated properly with the customer the entire time.

Lack of Invoice

One customer left a complaint about a transaction that they had in the beginning of March of 2022. They had bought a few gold coins. The company told them that if they wanted to lock in the price, they needed to send a check. The customer sent the check and was told that upon its arrival, the price of gold had dropped by $50 per ounce. That meant that the customer would be paying a lower overall price.

But an invoice was never sent to the customer. They called the company back and finally received an email. But the price of gold in the invoice was significantly higher than what had been quoted. The company told the customer that the price of gold had gone up later that day.

The customer said that they'd been told that delivery would be in a few weeks, but they wouldn't sign for the delivery when it arrived. They also alleged that Rosland Capital had not been faithful to one of their advertising campaigns, which stated that you'd get a certain amount of gold if you invested a certain amount.

In addition, the customer complained about the customer service representative they worked with. Apparently the customer service rep made an attempt to sell collectible coins that the customer did not want, all in order to receive a high commission.

Rosland Capital reached out to the customer on the day that the complaint was posted. They issued a total refund for the purchase. The customer responded to say that the order had been canceled, and the money would be refunded within 30 days.

Pros & Cons of Rosland Capital


  • A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.
  • Large catalog with a nationwide reach.
  • Variety of IRA services offered.


  • Over 20 complaints filed with the BBB.
  • 6 ripoff reports about commission rates and sales tactics.
  • Multiple other complaints about the pricing and dishonest sales tactics.

Final Thoughts

Rosland Capital is a popular precious metals dealer that offers a variety of IRA services. They are well known for offering deals and having robust advertising campaigns. But underneath those advertisements are some pretty shady practices.

Though most reviews of the company are positive, there are patterns of complaint that are concerning. Several customers have stated that they were subject to confusing and high-pressure sales tactics from employees working on commission.

Several customers have also stated that they were misquoted fees or pricing, and that Rosland Capital didn't honor its promises. In almost all complaint cases, the customer had tried repeatedly to get in touch, but no one would help them.

Because of this, we don't recommend working with Rosland Capital. While many people seem to have had positive experiences, the negative ones cast a dark shadow. A company shouldn't have repetitive problems like this. And they shouldn't have so many people unable to reach them that those customers need to file public complaints.

It's a better idea to work with a precious metals dealer that has a better overall reputation. Though every large company will incur some negative feedback, a good company will use that feedback to do better in the future.

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