Regal Assets Review

Regal Assets Review

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Most people these days understand that the stock market is volatile. Inflation also poses a threat to your savings. A precious metals IRA is one way to put some of your retirement into precious metals, as a hedge against economic volatility. There are multiple precious metals dealers that offer IRA services.

Regal Assets is a relatively unique precious metals IRA dealer. Not only do they offer gold IRA services, but they also offer cryptocurrency IRA services. While they are a popular option, does that mean they're actually the best to work with? What should you know about their policies before getting started?

  • Product Type: Precious Metals
  • Owner: Tyler Gallagher (CEO and Founder)
  • Rating: 4.8/5

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About Regal Assets

Regal Assets Review

The founder of Regal Assets is an investor and entrepreneur named Tyler Gallagher. Rather than starting with a focus on precious metals, the company focused on all alternative assets. The goal was to make it easy to invest in alternative assets for retirement without getting caught up in tons of red tape.

After ten full years in the industry, Regal Assets has become one of the most popular and highly rated alternative assets dealers in the US. It has received accolades and recognition from a variety of investors and publications. For example, it received praise for being the 20th best US company in financial services. It was also praised by the Huffington Post, Smart Money, and Forbes.

Nowadays, Regal Assets focuses on two main alternative assets: precious metals and cryptocurrency. Their goal is to be the only necessary dealer for those who want to invest in crypto and precious metals. The main company specialty is working with individual investors to create an ideal mix of assets for their retirement.

Regal Assets has worked with thousands of customers over the past decade. They help people fill out the paperwork to transfer assets from their existing retirement accounts into crypto and metals.

The company has several policies that help them to maintain their customer reputation. For example, they have a strong focus on education. It's important for the customer to receive enough information to be a hundred percent comfortable in their purchase.

In addition, Regal Assets doesn't use high pressure sales tactics. There's no urgency or pressure to make an immediate purchase. The only goal is to make sure that each individual receives the right products for their specific needs. Those products will vary depending on the person.

The company also swears to give people transparent commission and fee schedules. You don't have to worry about paying hidden fees. What you're showed is exactly what you get.

Advantages of Regal Assets

Regal Assets Review

When you go to the Regal Assets website, you can look at some of the advantages of working with them. There are multiple things that set them apart from the competition. For example, they have facilitated the transfer of hundreds of millions of dollars. They are also official members of the Forbes Finance Council.

The company notes that they will buy back cryptocurrency on any business day in the week. Once you lock in your price, the funds will be transferred to your IRA within 24 hours. That's one of the fastest turnarounds in the business.

They also have a patient, knowledgeable staff. You can call and ask questions even if you aren't planning to make a purchase. Past customers say that the company representatives are very friendly and patient.

Regal IRAs

Regal Assets Review

Regal IRAs are the main account offered by Regal Assets. Unlike the accounts offered by most precious metals dealers, a Regal IRA combines cryptocurrency and precious metals investments. Both of these are considered alternative assets that can be held in a self-directed IRA, as long as the owner complies with IRS regulations.

It's often pricey to use a self-directed IRA that's set up for multiple types of assets. The Regal IRA is very affordable if you only have an interest in crypto and precious metals as assets. The one drawback is that it might be simpler and less expensive to use a different company if you have no interest in crypto.

Regal Assets has been working in the precious metals IRA industry for a decade. The experts at the company firmly believe that precious metals are a necessary investment in order to protect your wealth. These items have a value that is not affected by the dollar or the stock market.

On the flip side, digital currency has been called a virtual type of precious metal. Cryptocurrency shares multiple traits with precious metals. Both are affected by market forces beyond the dollar. Both are decentralized and difficult for governments to track. Both are investments with great potential for growth over time.

With that said, cryptocurrency investments are much more risky than precious metals. Since crypto is ephemeral, it has the potential to lose all of its value. The value fluctuates with much more volatility than the precious metals market.

A free investment kit is available from Regal Assets by request. In it, they explain all the basics of investing in precious metals and the cryptocurrency industry. This includes the different types of assets, how they perform globally, and what risks you should be aware of as you get started.

IRA Process

Regal Assets Review

Regal Assets works with a variety of custodians and storage companies to help streamline your IRA experience. Every self-directed IRA needs to be managed by a licensed custodian. Cryptocurrency needs to be held in a digital wallet, while precious metals need to be held in a licensed depository.

The company's process is compliant with all IRS regulations. They help walk you through the application and paperwork so that you can roll over your retirement funds without any penalties.

Precious metals are considered an ideal investment for stability. They have been traded for thousands of years, and they tend to retain their value over time. When the economy is struggling, the price of precious metals goes up.

Cryptocurrency is considered an ideal investment for growth. While it comes with more risk than precious metals, there is also significantly more potential for growth. The right ratio of metals to cryptocurrency will depend on your age, investment goals, and other factors.


Regal Assets Review

The steps to open an account are relatively simple. You don't even need to call and speak to a representative to get started.

When you go to the Regal Assets website, you'll be shown an application. All you have to do is fill out the form with your various information. Within 24 hours of sending in this application, you will be contacted by a team member to finalize the account.

The team member will then help you transfer your retirement funds over. You can either make a personal contribution from your savings or use your existing accounts. There are not any penalties for rolling over your retirement funds into a different account, as long as you don't make any early withdrawals.

As soon as the account is funded, you can place your order. This will involve a combination of cryptocurrency and precious metals suited to your needs. Your representative will get to know you and your goals, then make suggestions based on these things. You can ask whatever questions you have prior to finalizing your purchase.


Regal Assets Review

The resources section of the Regal Assets website has a lot of educational materials. Customers are encouraged to learn as much as they can prior to deciding on their final purchase.

There is an investors kit available for free. This comes with information about the company's products, fees, and mission. As a bonus, the physical kit also includes a silver coin and several informative DVDs.

On the website itself, you can look at the "Our Recommendations" tab to see what the company recommends. There are different packages arranged by the value of the investment. When you purchase one of these, the company puts together easily-liquidated precious metals worth that amount.

The packages range from $5,000 to customized packages in excess of $500,000. Each is recommended for a different set of needs. They are built to be liquidated easily in case of emergency. The more you invest, the better your package will be at supporting you and your family through potential catastrophe or emergency.

Is Regal Assets a Scam?

Regal Assets Review

Regal Assets is not a scam. There's no question that the company provides the services that they claim to. They are also an extremely popular and well-reviewed option. There are thousands of positive online reviews from satisfied past customers.

For example, the company has 4.9 out of 5 stars on Bird Eye, with 1,753 customer reviews. This indicates that people almost unanimously gave top marks. Similarly, there is a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars with 1,086 reviews on Trustlink.

The company's Better Business Bureau page does reflect a few potential flaws. They are not accredited and have a B+ rating due to action that was taken by the state of Minnesota. There have been four complaints filed in the past year. Let's take a look at the issue with Minnesota, as well as the content of the complaints.

Minnesota Dealership

Minnesota is the only state in the US that requires precious metals dealers to receive a license before selling bullion. Sometimes national companies will end up in hot water if they ship to Minnesota customers without filing out the appropriate paperwork.

In September of 2020, Minnesota brought an official order against Regal Assets. Regal Assets did not send anybody to represent them, so the state was awarded a default judgment. There were a few months in which Regal Assets had the chance to respond, but they never did. The case was closed in November of 2020.

The investigation found that Regal Assets had sold bullion to Minnesota customers without the proper legalization. Therefore, they would need to pay a $15,000 civil penalty. This was the default penalty, which Regal Assets never appealed. The company was also meant to cease doing any illegal activity in Minnesota.

It is common for bullion companies to need to pay civil penalties in Minnesota. While it is odd that Regal Assets never represented themselves in this case, it doesn't necessarily point to mismanagement. Sometimes companies simply choose to accept the default judgment in such cases to save money on legal expenses.

Customer Complaints

Regal Assets Review

When any company has a large national clientele, there will be some negative feedback here and there. It's important to see how they respond to the negative feedback. Do they do everything in their power to make the issue right? And are there repeated patterns of complaints with their customers?

In the case of Regal Assets, there have only been four complaints filed with the BBB as of writing. All were filed in the past year. This is a relatively low number of complaints, though, especially compared to the thousands of positive reviews on other third party websites.

Of the four complaints, three are posted publicly. Sometimes customers ask the BBB to remove their complaints after resolving the issue. Alternatively, sometimes customers ask the BBB not to post the text of their complaint publicly at all.

Let's take a look at the available complaint information.

Delayed Delivery

One complaint was posted in April of 2022 regarding delayed delivery issues. The customer and his wife had opened three IRAs through Regal Assets in the prior year. There were thousands of dollars spread among the three accounts to invest in the metals.

Even though the accounts had been open for five months, only a small amount of precious metals had actually been delivered. According to the customer, over $700 had already been paid in various maintenance and setup fees. He had emailed and spoken to the company president multiple times.

Even though the customer had been repeatedly assured that the metals would be delivered, the account statements showed that the account was barely filled. All the customer wanted was for the initially purchased precious metals to be delivered.

The company responded about a week later to say that the metals were properly in the IRA now. They said that it was an error on their end, in which the customer's order had been attached to the wrong account number. The customer said that they accepted this response and that their account indicated that the precious metals had finally been delivered.

Communication Issues

One customer left a complaint in December of 2021 saying that there had been delivery issues. The customer had opened their IRA and used Regal Assets as their main precious metals dealer. The order was finalized in September of 2021. The customer was informed that the items would be delivered within five weeks.

However, almost seven weeks went by without the customer receiving any delivery. So the customer followed up with an email to their customer service representative. They received a reply from the company president that said the metals had arrived earlier in that week. But the metals were still being audited and processed.

The president explained that the silver in the purchase had been on backorder, which was why there had been delays. The customer said that in December, their account still didn't show that the items had been delivered. They called the company and spoke to the president again, but were given excuses.

Regal Assets responded to say that the issue had been resolved before the customer ever filed the complaint. They also explained that the issue wasn't with them, it was with the custodian managing the account.

The customer responded that the issue had not been resolved at the time of making the complaint, although it was resolved now. They also stated that they did not believe the issue was with their custodian.

The company responded one more time to say that proof of the transaction and delivery had been provided to every involved party. The delivery request had been processed as soon as the customer asked. In addition, the customer had been copied on emails about the problem. The representative concluded by saying that they wanted to resolve any remaining issues to make sure the client was taken care of.

Cash Purchase Issues

One customer left a complaint in August of 2021 regarding a cash purchase they'd made in June. The items were supposed to be shipped to the customer within three weeks. But more than ten weeks went by without any of the items being shipped. The customer also accused the management of being deceitful about the shipping timeline.

They made a request to have their funds reimbursed since the order wasn't being shipped. The customer wanted the company to reimburse the cost of their storage and maintenance fees as well.

The issue was resolved. The customer said that Regal Assets had offered a full apology and provided a satisfactory solution. They also asked the BBB to make the complaint private, so it may be a mistake that it's still displayed on the website.

Pros & Cons of Regal Assets


  • Thousands of positive customer reviews, with every complaint being simply resolved by the company.
  • Best provider of combined cryptocurrency and precious metals IRAs.
  • Endorsements from multiple top publications and popular investors.


  • Lack of BBB accreditation due to mistakes in selling bullion in Minnesota without the proper licensing.

Final Thoughts

Regal Assets is one of the most solid precious metals IRA companies in the US. They have an extremely good reputation, with thousands of online reviews from satisfied customers. The customer service team works hard to ensure satisfaction and to resolve any potential issues.

There have been a few issues here and there. For example, there were a few complaints about delivery issues written in the past year. But the delivery delays all coincide with supply chain issues that disrupted every aspect of commerce. Regal Assets is far from the only company to have these issues.

There are no patterns of mismanagement or poor policies. In fact, hundreds of reviews specifically praise the management and the service. Customers say that Regal Assets is easy to work with and trustworthy.

There has been one issue with the state of Minnesota. Regal Assets sold bullion without a license, so they were ordered to pay a civil penalty. Rather than representing themselves in the case, the company simply accepted the default judgment and moved on.

Ultimately, we do believe that this is one of the best companies you can work with for a precious metals IRA. A few of the competitors might work better for you depending on your needs. But Regal Assets offers affordable products and great client education without any of the high pressure sales tactics.

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