Quality Silver Bullion Review

Quality Silver Bullion Review

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Quality Silver Bullion is a company that mints and manufactures its own silver. With over 13 years in the precious metals industry, this Utah-based company seems to have an edge over the competition. But it's hard to find reviews of their practices online. What should you know before you decide to buy?

  • Product Type: Precious Metals
  • Owner: Jim Little
  • Rating: 2.2/5

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About Quality Silver Bullion

Quality Silver Bullion Review

Quality Silver Bullion is a company based in Orem, Utah. Rather than just being a middleman dealer of precious metals, they actually mint their own products. They believe that silver is the best precious metal to invest in because it has the highest potential for growth due to its use in manufacturing.

For the most part, the company creates silver bars and rounds. While they do say that their products are investment grade, most of them are not eligible to hold in a precious metals IRA. So if you're planning to invest part of your retirement in silver, you might be better served working with a different company.

According to a notice on the website, Quality Silver Bullion has been operating as Regency Mint since the beginning of 2020. However, the company's BBB page is still active, indicating that they haven't officially closed their doors. If you want to make a purchase from the company, you need to do so through the Regency Mint website.


Quality Silver Bullion Review

Many of the company's products are minted in house, and you can't find them anywhere else. However, they do also sell a variety of products from the Royal Canadian Mint and United States Mint. Many of these are eligible to put into an IRA.

Silver Rounds

Quality Silver Bullion Review

Quality Silver Bullion states that all of their rounds are minted with a high level of quality control. They adhere to industry standards regarding the weight and purity of the items. Every single round is weighed prior to shipping.

The company also has a note that you can turn 10 ounce, 100 ounce, and 1000 ounce bars of silver into rounds. If you have bars that you're interested in converting, you're encouraged to reach out through the current Regency Mint website.

Some of the rounds available for purchase include:

  • 1 ounce silver round of the company's choice for a discount
  • 1/10th ounce Walking Liberty round
  • Antique Pillar Dollar round
  • 1/4th ounce Walking Liberty round
  • Half ounce Walking Liberty round
  • Kit including all three Walking Liberty round sizes
  • 1 ounce Indian Head Buffalo round
  • 1 ounce Morgan Silver Dollar round
  • Uncirculated Pillar Dollar round
  • 1 ounce Divisible Gold Panner round
  • Baseball Hall of Fame rounds
  • 1 ounce Silverbugs round
  • Gift set of ten 1/10th ounce rounds

These are all the rounds that are either minted by the company or acquired by the company.

You can also sort the results by the fractional silver rounds only. These are for people who want to purchase less than an ounce of silver. For example, you'll find the 1/10th, 1/4th, and half ounce items here. Some people prefer this kind of purchase because it's very inexpensive compared to other silver investments.

US Mint Silver

Quality Silver Bullion Review

Quality Silver Bullion offers a limited selection of silver coins from the US Mint. However, they don't have as much inventory as many of their competitors. In fact, their US Mint section is often out of stock.

These are some of the items you'll find on the website, though they won't always be available:

  • 1 ounce American Eagle
  • 2018 American Eagle
  • 2019 American Eagle
  • 90% Culled Peace Dollars
  • Junk silver coins
  • Junk silver half dollars

The only items here that are really IRA-eligible are the American Eagle coins. However, as of writing this, all of this year's eagles are out of stock. If you want to make a purchase, you'll have to buy the coins from 2018 or 2019. While these are worth the same amount, this indicates that Quality Silver Bullion doesn't make US Mint coins a high priority.

Canadian Mint Silver

Quality Silver Bullion Review

A very limited selection of silver is available through the Canadian Mint. As with the US Mint, many of these items are often out of stock.

For example, there's a listing for 2019 Maple Leaf coins, but they're out of stock. There's another listing for gold-plated silver Maple Leaf coins. Finally, you can purchase a discounted Maple Leaf coin because the coin is impaired or damaged somehow.

Other than that, though, there aren't any other offerings from the Canadian Mint. There also aren't any offerings from other international mints.


Quality Silver Bullion Review

A variety of gold items are available through the website. Quality Silver Bullion doesn't seem to mint gold themselves. All of their gold products are from other mints.

They also say that customers can contact them if they have an interest in selling gold bullion.

There's a combination of gold bars, US Mint coins, and coins from world government mints. Regency Mint has a very limited selection of bullion that they mint themselves.

Another option is to get cheap gold coins. These coins are made of gold, but they have become tarnished over time. Because of this, they are sold for less than a mint condition item.


Quality Silver Bullion Review

Some copper items are available as well. Keep in mind that you cannot keep copper in a precious metals IRA.

The copper items available include:

  • Morgan Eagle round
  • Walking Liberty round
  • Benjamin Franklin round
  • Patriot Second Amendment round

These are minted specifically by Quality Silver Bullion.


Quality Silver Bullion Review

There is also a substantial amount of coin collecting supplies. You can purchase coin capsules and holders to protect your coins from the elements. There are also items designed for coin processing and storage.

In this section is a personalized silver heart coin that appears to come in its own box. You can get this personalized to the person you care about.

Another custom product from Quality Silver Bullion is a personalized silver coin that you can get for a new baby. It is inscribed with the first, middle, and last name, along with the birthday. That's a great choice of gift if you know any new parents who also have an interest in coin collecting. It's a sentimental piece that will last a lifetime.

Is Quality Silver Bullion a Scam?

Quality Silver Bullion Review

Quality Silver Bullion isn't a scam. There is no evidence online that any customers have been defrauded or had issues. But that might be a problem by itself. It's hard to find customer reviews online. There aren't any reviews or complaints with the BBB, nor do they appear to have a presence with Trustlink or Trustpilot.

This makes it very difficult to determine the quality of service that past customers have gotten.

That's not the only red flag, either. Another major red flag is that the company is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau. Instead of giving them a rating, the BBB gives them an NR for "not rated." The BBB does this when they don't have enough company information to give a reliable rating, or when they are investigating a company.

It's unusual for a company that's been in business for 13 years to have an NR rating. That goes especially for precious metals businesses. Since the precious metals industry is so rife with fraud, many businesses are eager to establish themselves with the BBB.

There are no alerts about the company on the BBB site. There's no information about why they haven't been rated.

Old forum posts from past customers indicate that the business is legitimate. Most stated that they were satisfied with the service they received. But forum posts are only a step up from website testimonials in terms of trustworthiness.

Pros & Cons of Quality Silver Bullion


  • Company creates its own products.
  • Pretty designs if you're not looking for investment grade bullion.


  • Not very many customer reviews online.
  • NR rating and lack of accreditation from the BBB, indicating that the BBB doesn't have enough information to make a decision.
  • Insurance isn't included in the shipping costs.

Final Thoughts

Quality Silver Bullion is a relatively unique company in the precious metals industry. Unlike much of the competition, they mint and sell their own products. If you're a fan of novelty items of high quality, you might enjoy their designs. But you're unlikely to find investment grade items or numismatic collectibles here.

This is not the best company to work with if you're interested in purchasing precious metals for an IRA. You're better off working with a company that specializes in precious metals IRAs. That way, they can walk you through the process while remaining compliant with regulations.

There are a few red flags even besides that. It's hard to find reliable reviews of the company online, good or bad. The BBB hasn't rated or accredited the company, even though they've been in business for over a decade. That makes it very difficult to determine how satisfied past customers have been.

In addition, they do not appear to include insurance when shipping packages. That means that if your package gets lost in the mail, you will be liable for your lost funds.

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