Orlando Coin Exchange Review

Orlando Coin Exchange Review

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Are you an avid coin collector? Do you enjoy investing in something of historic value? Orlando Coin Exchange has the right solution for you.

While cryptocurrency may appear to yield big money immediately, there are no guarantees. The fact is, the crypto market can be unpredictable because it isn't a well-known entity. Economic hard times call for making solid investments in real coins and precious metals, and Orlando Coin Exchange has just what you're looking for.

But coins and precious metals have been around for decades, and avid collectors know that talking with a coin dealer they can trust is a timeless solution to being financially prepared. You can buy or exchange rare coins or paper money there.

  • Product Type: Rare Coins and Precious Metals
  • Owner: Jason Lowery
  • Rating: 4.5/5

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About Orlando Coin Exchange

Orlando Coin Exchange Review

Orlando Coin Exchange is a family-owned business that's been around for 20 years. It is an invaluable name about those who collect and trade rare and historic coins as well as precious metals. It's not only known locally but is widespread among coin enthusiasts.

Although they started out small, Orlando Coin Exchange soon increased in popularity. Their customer base spread so rapidly that owners felt overwhelmed. But it wasn't until 2017 that customers were required to make an appointment to have the value of their coins assessed and to make a purchase, which allowed the owners ample time to discuss the various currencies and their values with each patron.

A Varied Coin Collection

Orlando Coin Exchange Review

There's nothing more alluring than holding an historic coin in your hands. You can imagine the handprints on it from people who lived centuries ago. The feel of a coin can take you as far back in time as the American Revolution. And these are the types of coins offered by Orlando Coin Exchange. But thers more.

Orlando Coin Exchange also has a wide variety of international coins from all over the world. They not only sell coins, but are willing to buy some that are in top condition. If you bring in a presidential dollar or a Sacagawea dollar, it must be wrapped in mint or sealed in mint bags.

Secure service ensures proper protection of your currency and helps to protect its value. Plus, the staff goes through a rigorous inspection process to determine the authenticity of your coins. They use advanced technology to help spot counterfeit money and will take the time to explain the difference between real and imitation coins.

Pros & Cons of Orlando Coin Exchange


  • Friendly, helpful staff.
  • Staff carefully inspect each coin or dollar for value and authenticity.
  • Reasonable prices and exchange rates.
  • Has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Store employees use a specific process to check the authenticity of your coins. They will check for watermarks and even test for copper. They do this using a magnet. If the metal sticks, the copper is an imitation.


  • Cash only. No checks, credit or debit cards accepted.
  • By appointment only.
  • Location may not be ideal for some.

Some reviews have customers expressing concerns about the location of the store. There have been concerns about carrying cash, but other than that, most reviews point to a good experience with the employees.

Does Orlando Coin Exchange Sell or Buy Wheat Pennies?

Orlando Coin Exchange Review

The answer is yes. However, there are a few stipulations to consider, especially when it comes to selling or trading your wheat pennies.

In case you didn't know, wheat pennies have had an interesting backstory. The common misconception is that they were first produced in World War II as commemorative pennies. And even though they were commemorative, that's not really true.

The first wheat pennies were made in 1909 to honor Lincoln's 100th birthday. They weren't produced right on his birthday but on August 2, 1909. They were the first U.S. coins to feature a living person and were so named due to the two sheaths of wheat on the back.

But history notwithstanding, Orlando Coin Exchange can buy and sell wheat pennies. But there is a process that must be followed. First, you'll need to bring the wheat pennies by the thousands in order to make any money off of them.

Next, staff will provide instructions on how you can organize your collection for faster service. You will receive instructions on how to separate your pennies and what to put them in prior to exchanging or selling them.

You should roll any uncirculated wheat pennies prior to making your appointment to come in. You'll get faster service while protecting the value of the pennies.

Wheat Pennies: It's Not Always How it Appears to Be

Some wheat pennies actually have less value than others. The ones made of steel in 1943 have significantly less value than the copper ones. And although copper wheat pennies are valuable, there are counterfeits that can be tracked using a simple magnet test.


Coin collecting is a fun and safe hobby. So if you're looking for a place to sell or trade that old currency, you've found it. Visit them to learn more.

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