Monetary Gold Review

Monetary Gold Review

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Monetary Gold is a well-established and popular company in the precious metals industry. In addition to offering traditional investments, they allow people to invest in precious metals IRAs. But how do they compare to the competition? What do past customers have to say, and can you trust their services?

We've taken a look at everything that you should know before you get started.

  • Product Type: Precious Metals
  • Owner: Mark Davis (IRA Director)
  • Rating: 4.0/5

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About Monetary Gold

Monetary Gold Review

Monetary Gold was founded in July of 2000, meaning that they've been in business for nearly 22 years. With two decades of experience under their belts, the company has learned to navigate the precious metals market through multiple recessions.

The company's main focus is on connecting clients to precious metals as an investment for the future. Precious metals are considered a hedge against stock market volatility and inflation. In today's uncertain economic times, more people than ever have chosen to invest.

There are two main ways that the company helps people with investing. One is to make a purchase in cash for your personal portfolio. In these cases, your precious metals can be physically delivered to your address or a safe location of your choice.

The other investment method is to open a precious metals IRA. It is legal to hold certain precious metals in your retirement account. You can roll over your existing retirement funds and put some of them into precious metals, as part of a diverse retirement strategy.

Monetary Gold works hard to maintain their A+ rating by the BBB. As of writing, there has only been one complaint filed in three years, which was resolved to the customer's satisfaction. No complaints have been filed in the past year.

The company works with people of all investment levels and experiences. For example, they'll work with experienced investors who want to add to a hearty gold IRA. But they'll also work with first time investors who are still deciding whether they want to purchase precious metals.

Monetary Gold is among a handful of Dealer Direct companies in the US. Unlike other precious metals dealers, they acquire their precious metals directly from the US Mint. This means that they can sell at a lower overall price because they don't need to mark items up like a middle man.

There are very few companies that have the distinction of being Dealer Direct. Combined with Monetary Gold's positive customer reviews, those credentials are very impressive.

Benefits of the Company

Monetary Gold Review

When you go to the company website, you'll be able to find multiple benefits listed. While these benefits are shared by many other precious metals dealers, they are impressive. If you're interested in investing, you're encouraged to call and talk to a precious metals specialist. You can have your questions answered and are under no obligation to make a purchase just for calling.

According to the website, the company wants customers to be successful. Rather than focusing on dollar signs, they focus on whether customers feel satisfied with their choices. Several customer reviews do indicate that the company succeeds at this. Customers report that they felt respected and cared for when asking their questions and making investments.

Monetary Gold brings a certain level of expertise to the table. As mentioned, they have over two decades of company experience in the industry. On top of that, their sales representatives have over 50 years of combined experience. If one representative hasn't experienced a certain issue, someone else at the company will have the answer.

Monetary Gold also strongly focuses on protection. They believe that precious metals are an essential way of protecting your portfolio against economic volatility. The amount that you invest will depend on how you want to diversify your assets. No matter what the economic and political landscape looks like, the company wants you to have secure assets.

There's also a large selection of assets available. For people who want to invest for their retirement, there's a good deal of platinum, silver, and gold from the US Mint. Collectors will also be interested in the foreign coins and semi-numismatic collectible coins. It's important to note, however, that numismatics are not eligible to hold in an IRA.

Monetary Gold also frequently hosts their own workshops. During these workshops, you learn about the precious metals industry and have a consultation with the company's advisors. These educational sessions are a great opportunity to ask your questions and start making decisions about your precious metals future.

Every client has access to 24/7 assistance with their orders or portfolios. If you have any issue, someone who can help is just a phone call away. New clients also get access to free shipping, although repeat clients may need to pay certain shipping fees. It depends on the order.

Gold IRA Services

Monetary Gold Review

Gold IRA services make up a huge chunk of what Monetary Gold offers. By opening a self-directed IRA and funding it, you can purchase precious metals for retirement. You won't pay taxes on the holdings until the time comes to take distributions. That means that they have a long time to grow without worrying about tax issues.

The website outlines several steps to setting up your precious metals IRA and making purchases.

Creating an Account

The first step is to create a precious metals IRA. Monetary Gold states that you don't need to pay for the expertise of a financial advisor. Instead, you can work with one of their IRA specialists. This professional will walk you through how to complete your application and submit it.

Once you submit the application, it will take between 48 and 72 hours for the account to be created. You'll then fund the account using either your existing retirement funds or a deposit from your savings. IRA rollovers can be done without incurring any financial penalties.

As soon as the funds are deposited into the account, you will be called by your IRA specialist. This representative will help you choose which metals you want to buy with the funds. Then they will create a purchase order and have the precious metals transferred to the special depository. You must store your items in an IRS-licensed facility in order to be compliant with IRA regulations.

Once the metals arrive at the depository, they will be inspected and processed. Then they will be placed in an insured vault. Your IRA custodian will be responsible for maintaining the account and giving you information about the holdings. This custodian is a financial institution rather than Monetary Gold itself.

You will have access to an online account where you can monitor the holdings and their value over time. The account will be regularly audited to make sure that the physical precious metals match what's on your balance sheet.

Are Private Storage Options Available?

Monetary Gold Review

The Monetary Gold website has a section dedicated to private storage of your gold IRA. So can you store your items privately instead of in a depository? What if you want to keep your holdings in a home safe, or in a bank safety deposit box?

Ultimately, Monetary Gold recommends that you don't do this. Home storage IRAs are a bad idea because they can be revoked by Congress at any moment. Right now, they aren't technically legal, unless you exploit a special loophole in the tax law. To do this, you'd need a tax lawyer and a willingness to disregard regulations.

Failing to comply with IRA regulations could result in you being penalized. You don't want to end up paying hefty fines or needing to pay your taxes early. You especially don't want to end up the target of an IRS audit. It's better to simply comply with the instructions outlined in the existing tax law.

Besides, storing your items in a depository is a better idea from a strategic standpoint. Your home is extremely vulnerable to disasters like theft, flood, and fire. Though you may think having your items close by makes them safer, it doesn't. Depositories are outfitted with incredible technology that can't be beat by basic home safes.

Not only that, but the majority of depository vaults are fully insured. That means that if disaster strikes, you can still recoup the full costs of your precious metals. It's much harder to get an insurance policy that will cover valuables stored in the home.

There are a variety of licensed depositories located throughout the US. The right one for you just depends on your needs. Many people choose the Delaware Depository because it is located in a conveniently tax sheltered state. Others choose the Texas Depository because it is located in the South. Still others might pick depositories in Utah or New York to be closer to home.

Is Monetary Gold a Scam?

Monetary Gold Review

Monetary Gold isn't a scam. Not only that, but the customer feedback indicates that the company is well managed. They have received almost exclusively positive feedback across multiple third party websites. While there aren't as many reviews as there are with massive corporations, the feedback is still impressive.

The Better Business Bureau gives them an A+ rating. According to their profile, they have been in business for 21 years and accredited for 9 years. The BBB doesn't use customer reviews to calculate their rating. Instead, they judge based on how well a company responds to consumer complaints.

There has only been one complaint filed with the business in the past three years, and no complaints filed in the past year. The BBB website indicates that the complaint was related to an issue with a product or service. But the text is not available online. Generally, this indicates that the company resolved the issue, and the customer took the feedback down.

There are 30 customer reviews on the BBB website, all of which give 5 out of 5 stars. On Trustlink, there are 9 customer reviews, again all of which give 5 out of 5 stars. On Consumer Affairs, the company has 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 34 ratings.

This indicates that there are several dozen satisfied customers who have seen fit to leave reviews. If there were any patterns of complaint or mismanagement, they would show up through these websites. But very few customers have anything negative to say.

Let's take a look at some of the positive feedback.

Positive Customer Reviews

Monetary Gold Review

We can't look at every single review online. But we can examine a few of the recent reviews on the BBB website. Reviews on Consumer Affairs and Trustlink are similar in content and scope.

One customer said that she'd worked with other companies before, but only purchased from Monetary Gold once. In comparison to the other companies, Monetary Gold went above and beyond. She said that her representative and her account executive were both extremely patient and knowledgeable. They made it easy to maintain the correct documentation and facilitate the transfer of funds.

Another customer similarly stated that he had a very easy time purchasing precious metals. He said that the representative he spoke to was extremely informative and helpful. The customer felt more confident in his financial choices thanks to the company's assistance, and he concluded that he would happily recommend them to anyone.

One customer said that she was thrilled to have worked with Jonathan specifically. She said that Jonathan answered all of her questions and explained the investment process patiently. She was impressed by how much time he took to make sure that she understood and was comfortable with her purchase. In addition, she said that he seemed genuinely invested in her welfare and concerned about making sure she had the right purchase for her needs.

Multiple other customers have mentioned Jonathan by name. They say that he's a pleasure to work with thanks to his easygoing personality, patience, and the way he explains things.

Another customer said that she worked with Brandon to secure part of her retirement in precious metals. It was her effort to take control of her finances while the economic situation is turbulent. Every time she spoke to Brandon, she felt more confident that this was the right company to work with.

She said that there was never any pressure to rush her into the decision. Even when she wasn't sure whether she would invest, Brandon was knowledgeable and patient. He answered any questions she had, and he was more comfortable to talk to than the representatives from other companies that she interviewed.

When she decided to open her IRA with Monetary Gold, everything went smoothly. She concluded by saying that she felt very at peace with the decision and her economic stability.

Pros & Cons of Monetary Gold


  • Almost universally positive customer feedback across multiple third party websites.
  • Very few prior issues, and the issues that do exist have been resolved to the customer's satisfaction.
  • Multiple customers praise the knowledge and patience of different sales representatives by name.
  • Company doesn't use high pressure tactics and gets to know each individual before they invest.


  • Prices don't appear to be listed on the website.
  • Not a huge amount of information about different custodians.
  • Website can be a little hard to navigate on mobile.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Monetary Gold is a very solid company if you're buying precious metals. They have excellent online feedback from their past customers, and they get top marks from organizations like the Better Business Bureau. On top of this, their representatives have been praised for providing excellent education and information.

The company has more than two decades of experience in the industry. There are multiple customers who say that they were more comfortable with Monetary Gold than any other institution because of the convenience and education.

So there are no major red flags that indicate you should avoid Monetary Gold. But with that said, we believe that a few other gold IRA companies edge them out in terms of competition. These alternative companies have more streamlining and dedicated in-house IRA specialists. Because of this, they're slightly easier to work with for your retirement.

If you want to work with Monetary Gold, you're likely to be satisfied with your experience. But we do recommend checking out our top picks to see whether you could have an even more satisfactory experience.

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