Gold Avenue Review

Gold Avenue Review

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Gold Avenue is a global precious metals dealer that serves people all over the world. They have a staggering number of offices throughout Europe, Australia, and the US. Thousands of customers have worked with them over the years. But are their services really that good? How do they compare to other major bullion dealers?

  • Product Type: Precious Metals
  • Rating: 4.0/5

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About Gold Avenue

Gold Avenue Review

Gold Avenue is the online eCommerce platform for MKS PAMP GROUP, a Swiss company with a huge global reach. As such, it has all the backing of MKS PAMP GROUP's network, but it has the individual employee touch of a small business.

The parent company employs over 700 people in all aspects of the precious metals industry. But Gold Avenue itself is made up of 20 precious metals experts. Every one of these people works on the team to help you figure out which precious metals investments are right for your specific circumstances.

The company aims to be transparent and trustworthy. You can find information about every team member on the website. They want to help people easily and securely access gold, even if you aren't familiar with investing.

The Gold Avenue team has been part of the industry for over 60 years. By creating Gold Avenue from the parent company, they made it easier for customers to quickly and conveniently purchase gold online.

Storage Solutions

Gold Avenue Review

Gold Avenue offers a variety of storage solutions through their parent company. They have access to fully allocated vaults that are located in Switzerland, a tax haven. You can rest easy knowing that your assets are held completely outside the banking system, in a company that prides itself on privacy.

When you use the Gold Avenue vaults, all of your precious metals will be fully insured against damage, loss, and theft. At the same time, the facility itself is extremely secure. So the chances of anything happening to your items are very low, and if the worst does occur, you can get your money back.

Your items are also never put on the vault's balance sheet. You are the sole owner of your metals. If the depository was to go out of business, you could have your assets returned to you. They cannot be legally seized on behalf of the depository, since the depository does not own them.

If you store your items in the Gold Avenue vault, then you also have competitive resale options. You can sell your items back 24/7 with just the touch of a button, and there's 0% commission fee. Since your items are already in the company vault, you don't even have to pay a shipping fee.

Every customer is given a Wallet. This is a tool that tracks the performance of your investments over time. You can analyze the data from the Wallet to determine when the best time to sell is. Then you can do so just by tapping the buttons.

If you ever want your items to be sent to you, you can request that they be delivered. All deliveries are completely insured and must be signed for. The company delivers throughout Europe, although there's not much information on whether they ship to the US or Australia.

Making a Purchase

Gold Avenue Review

When you're ready to make a purchase, you can browse the Gold Avenue store online. You'll be shown whatever products are in the inventory. You can add them to your cart and then check out without ever needing to speak to a service representative. It's one of the easiest platforms for purchasing precious metals online.

You can also browse the website by products free of value added tax. This applies to silver, platinum, and palladium. In Switzerland, sales of gold are subject to a 7.7% value added tax.

The pricing is also straightforward. You'll know exactly how much you're paying when you get to the checkout screen, because the prices of the items update in real time.

Storage Prices

Gold Avenue Review

You can also purchase different storage packages.

If you buy any precious metals through Gold Avenue, then you can open a free storage account. It is fully insured and will hold up to $11,000 worth of metals. Since there's no commitment, you can have your metals delivered at any time.

For $8 per month, you can store a maximum of $110,000 worth of metals in your storage vault. You'll also get three free months if you choose this from the getgo.

If you want to store more than $110,000 worth of precious metals, you'll be charged 0.5% of your holdings per year. You'll also be given a dedicated account manager for your vault.

Is Gold Avenue a Scam?

Gold Avenue Review

Gold Avenue is certainly not a scam. It is an extremely popular company with a stellar reputation. On Trustpilot, there are over 1,100 reviews, with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. That indicates that the vast majority of customers have had extremely positive experiences.

Gold Avenue is the online bullion dealer front for MKS PAMP GROUP. This large company is well known in the precious metals industry, operating over a dozen offices and stores throughout more than ten global countries. Since they are based in Switzerland, neither Gold Avenue nor MKS PAMP GROUP have a Better Business Bureau page.

But they also don't need one. The company has been consistently rated with high marks from other third party watchdogs. They operate with a high level of transparency regarding their finances and services. Most importantly, as mentioned, the vast majority of customers are very happy with their experiences.

One important note is that Gold Avenue doesn't offer precious metals IRA services. Gold IRAs are an exclusively American thing, since they comply with American tax regulations and retirement account setups. Many global corporations don't bother to have IRA-specific services, since this requires an intricate knowledge of US tax laws and regulations.

So if you're someone looking to invest precious metals into a gold IRA, your best bet is to work with a US-based company that specializes in this. That's a lot easier than trying to figure out the paperwork and regulations yourself.

Pros & Cons of Gold Avenue


  • Thousands of positive customer reviews online.
  • Massive global presence with 13 offices in 11 countries.
  • Easy to purchase many different precious metals online through the eCommerce platform.


  • No BBB page, since the parent company is headquartered in Switzerland.
  • No gold IRA services, since once again the parent company is in Switzerland.

Final Thoughts

Gold Avenue is the online bullion store for MKS PAMP GROUP, a precious metals corporation headquartered in Switzerland. It is one of the largest online gold retailers in the world, with over a dozen global offices and more than 60 years in the industry.

Companies aren't always the best to work with just because they're big. But Gold Avenue does have the positive feedback to back it up. Thousands of customers have left reviews online, stating that they were thrilled with the quality of service and the efficiency of the shipping.

This does appear to be a very solid company to work with, especially if you're outside the US. But there are a few disadvantages for investors inside the US. The biggest one is that Gold Avenue doesn't offer IRA services. So if you want to open a new retirement account to hold your precious metals, it's best to work with a different company.

Overall, though, there's very little bad to say about Gold Avenue. They have a vast network, provide all the services they claim to, and are well-managed and transparent. It's no wonder they have such a positive reputation in the precious metals industry.

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