Coins Unlimited Review

Coins Unlimited Review

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There is a new website called Coins Unlimited that offers a lot of coins for sale at competitive rates. The company is valued at $500 million and is entirely transparent with its customers. Coin Unlimited has been overgrowing and is now worth $500 million. They have aimed to provide their customers with the best coin pricing in the industry.

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What is Coin Unlimited?

Coin Unlimited is a new exchange platform that allows anyone to buy and sell coins using their platform. The company offers services that are cheap, fast, and easy to use. One unique feature of Coin Unlimited is that it allows a lot of coin trading without slowing down the trading speed.

  • Product Type: Precious Metals
  • Owner: Rob Noyes
  • Rating: 4.5/5

Services Offered by Coins Unlimited

Coins Unlimited Review

Coin Capita

Coin Capita is the company's coin capital system. It allows users to buy up to 25 coins at once. The customer places all orders, and one person with a small investment can make 2-5 trades per day.

Coin Packing and Shipping

The company offers coin packing services that allow users to pack their coins safely in original packaging. It will prevent tampering with the product, and it is completely secure from any form of theft. Coin Unlimited also offers shipping services to its customers.

Coin Stacking

Coin stacking is a process in which the company holds your coins safely and secures them with multiple layers of encryption and security. The company offers a wide variety of features for coin stacking, including:

  • Coin Forwarding to an Exchange - If a user does not have an active exchange account, Coin Unlimited will forward the coin to another exchange for trading.
  • Coin Backup - If, for whatever reason, the coins were to be lost or stolen, you can use the coin backup feature to download your coins and leave them in safety.
  • Coin Wash - Coins Unlimited has a coin wash feature in which all of their coins are thoroughly washed every day, so there are no traces of malware on the coins.
  • Coin Swap - If a user has a lot of different types of coins, they may want to swap them out simultaneously instead of packing each one separately.
Coins Unlimited Review


ATMs are available in the Coin Unlimited store, so users can easily buy coins wherever they are. ATMs are located at many different locations, and you can use them at any time of day.

Loyalty Program for Coins Unlimited Customers

The company offers a loyalty program in which new customers will get exclusive deals on coins. If they refer new customers to unlimited coins, 5% of the customer's first purchase will be credited to their account.

Pros & Cons of Coins Unlimited


Competitive Pricing

Coin Unlimited is one of the cheapest online exchange platforms in the industry. The exchange has competitive pricing that is slightly lower than the competition. Coin Unlimited can fill huge orders at low rates, and its shipping service is much faster than any other company in the industry.

Multiple Coin Options and Large Order Capability

You can purchase a lot of different coins from Coins Unlimited with one transaction. Due to the wide range of coins the company offers, users can order many coins at once. The company offers new and high-value coins that have been in circulation for years, and customers can purchase them without being concerned about being scammed or bought out.

Easy to Use Web Platform

The website is straightforward to use, and it has a bunch of helpful features as well as everything is easy to see and understand. Its simple design and layout make it easy for anyone to navigate and use. Coin Unlimited also offers a lot of helpful financial advice and tips on starting your trading journey.


Coin Unlimited's security system is the strongest in the industry because they use multiple layers of security measures to protect its coin packers. Their security measures include:

  • Encrypted Smart Cards - The company uses encrypted intelligent cards, which feature a 128-bit encryption system to protect customers from theft, hacking, or misuse.
  • Encrypted Windows - The company uses encrypted windows, which uses multiple layers of encryption for each coin.
  • Two Factor Authentication - The company uses a two-factor authentication system for emails so that anyone who attempts to access your account can get locked out immediately.
Coin Packing

The company offers free coin packing services so that you can secure your coins in appropriate packaging and ensure that they are protected from any form of theft or tampering.

Friendly and Helpful Staff

The staff at Coin Unlimited are amiable and willing to help you with any questions or concerns that you may have. They will even send emails to help you set everything up as quickly as possible.

Competitive Shipping Rates

Shipping costs are one of the things that make up the bulk of your spending when you are using a website. Coin Unlimited offers competitive shipping rates, which is a huge benefit for customers. There are no hidden fees with the exchange, meaning you will get what was advertised.

No Minimum Deposit Limits

The minimum deposit amount is something that a lot of other websites will have set at $50 or $100.They can take their money while still unsure of the company and later say that they were scammed. With Coin Unlimited, you can deposit as low as $10 to make as many trades as possible without worrying about making large deposits which could be hard for some people to do.


No Sample Coin for New Customers

To profit from the company, new customers must first invest $5,000 in coins. A large sum of money limits the number of people who can use Coins Unlimited's services.

Not Enough Methods of Payment

There is no cash deposit method or debit card payment, so users must use a credit card to purchase coins. It puts Coins Unlimited a little bit behind the competition regarding payment options.

Community Support

The company doesn't offer any customer support through its web platform. Instead, they provide new customers with a forum where they can get their questions answered by other users.

Final Verdict

Coin Unlimited is a perfect online exchange platform that offers a lot of different coins at very competitive rates and allows customers to make money. The company doesn't offer many payment options, which are still common in the industry, so users must be careful about their security when using Coins Unlimited. The company also doesn't have as much user support as some other companies, so new customers may need to find more information from the community before they can start using Coins Unlimited's services.

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