Central Virginia Coin Review

Central Virginia Coin Review

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Central Virginia coins feature the state of Virginia on one side and a picture of a horse on the other. They are .925 sterling silver coins with no nickel content, so there is no danger of allergic reactions for those who suffer from them.

These coins come in three different sizes - 1/4 inch (.6 cm), 1/8 inch (.3 cm), and 3/16 inch (.5 cm), with weights ranging from 3 grams to over 6 grams. The coins are made in the U.S.A and distributed throughout the country. They are also available through most major online and mail-order coin dealers.

These commemorative coins, produced by Central Virginia Coin, are being released as a promotion in support of the Non-Profit organization "Central Virginia Horse Rescue," located in Front Royal, VA.

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History of the Central Virginia Coins

Central Virginia Coin Review

The history of the Central Virginia Coins has been traced back to a rare coin collector in Virginia named George S. Davis. He was born on January 11, 1893, and died in 1981. He amassed over four hundred different U.S. coins in his lifetime, including two Presidential Dollars and two Buffalo Nickels.


The owner of the Central Virginia Coin is George S. Davis, who was an avid coin collector. He owned the coin company from 1968 until he died in 1981.

Who Made the Central Virginia Coins?

The coin was crafted by Jay H. Kuebley Jr., of Midlothian, Virginia, who is also the designer and manufacturer of the coins. In 1975 he began making these coins as a hobby and eventually publicizing them through the West Virginia State Fair and other fairs throughout the U.S., with all proceeds going towards horse rescue activities at the Central Virginia Horse Rescue located in Front Royal, VA.

The Central Virginia Coin was released on July 4, 1976, in Virginia. Since then, over 5 million of these coins have been sold.

Central Virginia Coin Review


Central Virginia Coin is rated a 5 out of 5. All the proceeds from the sale of each coin are tax-deductible, and the company is a sponsor of the Central Virginia Horse Rescue located in Front Royal, VA.


Due to their silver content, these coins have gained popularity in recent years as an alternative investment vehicle. According to www.kitco.com, which tracks precious metal prices daily, one ounce of silver was selling for $14.37 on (October 16, 2005).

Pros & Cons of Central Virginia Coin


  • The Central Virginia coins are made of .925 sterling silver, not nickel like many other coins. This lack of nickel means there is no allergic reaction for those suffering from nickel allergies.
  • These coins are legal tender, and the minting process is federally approved. Thus, with any purchase made from an authorized dealer, the buyer will get an official government-issued coin.
  • The proceeds from these coins are tax-deductible, and the company is a sponsor of the Central Virginia Horse Rescue located in Front Royal, VA.
  • These coins are an incomparable investment.
  • These coins have gained a higher price for collectors. They are now the fastest-selling U.S. Commemorative coin, with a production rate of over 5 million coins sold since 1976.
  • They are minted, distributed, and promoted in the United States.


  • These coins are rare and, with their increasing popularity, can only be obtained from coin dealers, who sell them at a higher price than the original cost. According to www.kitco.com, which tracks precious metal prices daily, one ounce of silver was selling for $14.37 on (October 16, 2005).
  • Although central Virginia coins make profits for the non-profit horse rescue, the coins do not cost consumers much.
  • They are not sold in vending machines, although one can purchase the coins at coin shops or by mail.
  • There is no information on how to obtain these coins.
  • The horse, the symbol of these coins, is not an accurate representation of the state of Virginia, consisting of a Virginia horse in full gallop.
  • There is no background information on who designed and minted these coins.

The plan for the Central Virginia Coin is to continue producing them and featuring them in many different fairs across the country. These coins are an excellent investment opportunity and are now gaining popularity as collectible items due to their silver content.

Uses of the Central Virginia Coin

The uses of these coins are varied and can be used in many ways to benefit local communities. These coins can be used in business transactions, as goodwill gifts, or as a political statement against illegal money problems such as counterfeit coinage. They can also be used for fundraising purposes by other non-profit organizations that may not even have horse rescue activities funding their activities.

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