Allegiance Gold Review

Allegiance Gold Review

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Allegiance Gold is a popular choice for people who want to invest in a precious metals IRA. They specialize in custom gold IRAs to help clients diversify their portfolios. But how exactly do their services differ from the other most popular precious metals IRA dealers?

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  • Product Type: Precious Metals
  • Owner: Mark Naaman
  • Rating: 3.8/5

About Allegiance Gold

Allegiance Gold Review

According to the Allegiance Gold website, the company's main goal is to help people protect their retirement investments and general wealth. They do this by investing in precious metals, which provide a hedge against stock market volatility and inflation.

The experts at the company have over half a century of combined experience in the industry. They've worked with thousands of clients over the years, selling millions of dollars worth of bullion. As a gold IRA firm, their main focuses are on customer service and quality products.

Rather than trying to make a "hard sell," the company puts the client first. They help you figure out what you need for your portfolio, and then they give you the products that suit you best.

The company is a member of the Industry Council on Tangible Assets and the American Numismatic Association, so they're constantly getting the latest news in the precious metals industry.

Allegiance Gold works with individual investors from all walks of life. They're happy to consult with first-time investors and experienced precious metals gurus alike. Ultimately, their goal is to put you closer to both your long-term and short-term financial plans.

Gold IRA Services

Allegiance Gold Review

If you want to sign up for a basic gold IRA, the website makes it easy to do. All of the applications and agreements are available online. If you get overwhelmed, you can call and have a customer service representative walk you through it.

The first step is to fill out the IRA application. Then you'll sign a customer agreement sheet, and then you'll provide your ID and financial records. Allegiance Gold will use all of this information to work with a custodian and open a precious metals IRA. Then you'll be able to transfer funds over and purchase gold and silver.

Custom IRA Services

Allegiance Gold Review

You can get a custom precious metals IRA as well. The system is basically the same as opening a gold IRA. However, once you fund the account, you will have a consultation with a company representative. They'll talk to you about your needs and goals, and they'll make suggestions for your unique circumstances.

Everyone has different financial needs. Everyone has a different risk tolerance. The portfolio that you create will reflect that. It is a collaborative effort between you and your representative.

You can also fill out an application to learn more about these custom portfolios. This asks for information like your ID and driver's license number, your current IRA account custodian and type, and the kinds of investments you're interested in making.


Allegiance Gold Review

The company offers a mix of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

They have a wider range of gold coins than many of the competitors. This can be advantageous, as you can get the coin that gives you the best value for the metal. It's also ideal if you have specific niche coins from the US Mint that you'd like to hold in your IRA.

Is Allegiance Gold a Scam?

Allegiance Gold Review

Allegiance Gold is not a scam. Not only that, but the company seems to have mostly positive reviews. They hold an A+ rating and accreditation with the Better Business Bureau. There are 8 customer reviews on the BBB website, all of which give 5 out of 5 stars. Only one complaint has been closed in the past three years.

The complaint was related to an issue with a product or service. However, the text is unavailable online. Since the company still has full markings with the BBB, we can infer that the complaint was resolved. It's likely that the company asked the complainant to take the issue down once the resolution was complete.

This makes it a little more difficult to determine how good their problem solving is. But it does indicate that they proactively work with their customers to find solutions to problems. In addition, there is much more positive feedback than negative, which further indicates that most customers don't need to file complaints to have their issues heard.

Positive Feedback

Let's look at some specifics of the positive feedback online.

Several reviews are from May of 2022, extremely recent. One customer said that Allegiance Gold provided the best service in the precious metals industry. He said that right from the get-go, the employees treated him with total respect and great service.

The customer praised the discreet shipping, quick turnaround time, easy ordering, and followup care from the team. In particular, he was impressed by how streamlined and organized the company was. He concluded that he would definitely recommend them to anyone seeking a new precious metals dealer.

Another customer also said he had a great experience. The company quickly shipped the products, the coins were of the correct quality, and the customer service was ideal. He stated that the company had exceeded expectations in all ways, and so he'd recommended their services to his close family members.

One customer said that the company made the entire investment process so easy that it blew his mind. The representatives were able to answer all of his questions, explain the order process, and give extra information about the products. He was impressed by their level of knowledge and the speed at which the delivery was completed.

There was one customer who stated that she began working with Allegiance Gold after they gave her a consultation about her IRA. She was able to discuss a variety of options available to her. The information made her feel more confident in her choice to diversify her portfolio.

She said that the process was much simpler than it would have been on her own. Allegiance Gold handled her paperwork for her, and they continually let her know about the account's progress. She was very happy with the end result of her portfolio and said she'd be happy to continue working with this company in the future.

All in all, customers have praised basically every aspect of the buying process. They repeatedly note that they feel respected and cared for. They're impressed by the knowledge of the employees, as well as how quickly and conveniently the orders are executed.

Pros & Cons of Allegiance Gold


  • Streamlined precious metals IRA services.
  • Positive overall customer feedback with very few negative comments.
  • Fast and discreet shipping to your home or a storage facility.


  • Relatively few reviews compared to some of the larger competitors.
  • Online application might be a little frustrating.
  • Not much information available online about fees.

Final Thoughts

Allegiance Gold is a precious metals dealer that focuses on gold IRAs. In addition, you can purchase precious metals for your personal portfolio. You have the option of choosing between regular gold IRAs and custom precious metals IRAs.

Regardless of your choice, the team walks you through the paperwork process and simplifies everything. Customers have praised how well they answer questions and streamline the experience. In addition, several customers have praised the speed and efficiency at which they ship the precious metals.

This is an impressive company that has garnered largely positive feedback. There's nothing stopping you from opening a precious metals IRA with them. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that there's not a lot of information available about their fees. If you're concerned about the fee structure, you might be better off working with a company that's slightly more transparent.

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