A World Of Coins Review

A World Of Coins Review

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The recession and global solid economic growth of the past decade have led to a rapid increase in the demand for and production of silver, which is used extensively for manufacturing a wide range of products.

With high silver prices continuing to rise, many financial pundits have predicted that it will eventually surpass gold as the world's most prized precious metal.

The report highlights the production trends, demand forecasts, and total outstanding silver stocks expected to be released into the market in the coming year. The report also traces the significant economic drivers influencing silver price trends over time.

  • Product Type: Coins and Precious Metals
  • Owner: Craig Spencer
  • Rating: 3.3/5

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Pros & Cons of A World Of Coins


  • There are exclusive coins and bars only available at A World of Coins Company.
  • There are different coins for different prices.
  • Each coin has special characteristics, like a unique theme or unique elements.
  • The gold and silver available from A World of Coins Company are of high purity and are other currencies such as the Swiss Francs, South Korean Won, and Hong Kong Dollars–which means you can pay with foreign currency.


  • Each coin is exclusive, and the prices are different.
  • Some coins are strictly limited in production, so if someone wants such a coin, they must hurry to buy them before they run out of stock.
  • There are fewer stocks of silver bars, and some are not purchasable online.
  • The standard coins will not be available in silver or gold.
A World Of Coins Review

About A World of Coins

A World of Coins is a London-based company that opened in 1982. It is a privately owned business and is one of the leading bullion dealers in London. You will find that A World of Coins Silver has silver bars and coins in its collection.

In the coins category, you will find some commemorative designs and some that governments have issued. Although they are not rare coins, they are available at competitive prices.

You can buy A World of Coins, Silver Bars, silver coins, paper bills, and estate jewelry.

A World of Coins Company Features

There are different products at A World of Coins Company. The collection at the company features different precious metal products such as

  • Bars and Ingots
  • Platinum and Gold coins
  • Uncirculated coins and
  • Official mints
  • Estate Jewelry
  • Paper bills

Buying from A World of Coins Company

All the processes involved in buying from A World of Coins Company are easy. There are no hassles. They accept payments via credit card, wire transfer, and check. You will receive all your precious metal products after you have made the purchase.

A World Of Coins Review

A World of Coins Products 

Rare Coins

The coins are precious. They are affordable and come in many kinds. You will also find some rare coins, which you will not be able to find at any other store.

You can discover some of the rarest coins in this category. The company specializes in old-world coins, and you will find fascinating pieces there too.

Paper Bills

These are valuable because they are scarce and unique. Paper bills are available in the company. You will find paper bills from countries like Russia, Poland, China, and Hungary, among others.

Gold Coins

At A World of Coins Company, you will find some of the rarest gold coins from around the world, especially from Europe and Asia. You will find modern gold coins and old ones that were issued in the medieval ages.

Platinum Coins

The coins come in platinum. They are available in some of the most popular currencies, such as the

  • Iranian rial
  • Canadian Dollar
  • Chinese Yuan

Bullion Bars

There are different bars at A World Of Coins Company- all bullion bars. They come in many precious metals, including gold and silver. They can be found in different sizes and widths as well as weights depending on your needs and preferences.

Estate Jewelry

These are usually silver jewelry pieces of different designs. There are different kinds of antique pieces you can find in this category.

Precious Metal Bars, Ingots & Rounds

They are in nugget form, which comes in pure silver and silver with gold and more. You can also find designs and styles in this category of the collection.

A World Of Coins Review

A World of Coins Prices

The prices vary online at A World of Coins Company, depending on your purchasing items. You can choose different sizes, styles, weights, and specimens for your products depending on your needs, preferences, and budget.

A World of Coins Storage

One of the most important things you have to know is that they have different storage options available. You will find they have vault boxes and safe boxes.

A vault box is an option that has multiple security features, such as locks and keys. Many people prefer these types of vaults because they do not want the contents to fall into unauthorized hands.

The safe box is also different from others in that there are two keyholes with two keys on each one.

A World of Coins Return Policy

When you buy it, you will get your goods after a week. You can open the package early, but this will not be a refundable option. You will receive your money back when you return the goods and request a refund if there are any issues.

A World of Coins Company Review

The company has received positive customer reviews in many industries, including jewelry and precious metals. People like the company's services and the quality of their products.

Not A Scam

There are many positive reviews from customers in this category. The prices are competitive, and their products are reliable.

They have been in business for 40 years, so you can trust and rely on their services. The quality of the product is good, as well as the customer service they provide.

Final Verdict

When considering all the features and values, the company falls short because its products are limited, although they have varieties.

Customers need a broader range of products for their needs. Also, their prices are not the most competitive. There are better options available in the market that can offer you more and better products at a lower price.

The company is licensed by the UK's Financial Services Authority and registered with Companies House, Companies Payment Portal, and My Business Directory.

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