7k Metals Review

7k Metals Review

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7k metals is a great company because it has been around for a long time and knows how to deliver the best services. The company caters to the needs of its customers in terms of getting its property back within the shortest possible time frame. If you are looking for a reliable place to get your precious items back, 7k metals should be on your list. Here are some things that you should know about the company, along with details about purchasing options that they have available for their customers:

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7k Metals Review

Roger Ball, Richard Hansen, Zach Davis, and Josh Anderson are responsible for establishing the multilevel marketing business known as 7k Metals in 2016. It offers its members lower prices on precious metals in addition to a multilevel income opportunity, which some of its members refer to as a "business in a box."

Its stated mission is to provide people with financial security, mainly if there is a global financial emergency in the not-too-distant future, as many financial experts claim likely.

7K Metals is trying to accomplish its objective by providing gold and silver at prices that they claim are wholesale and without adding any markup.

7k Metals is a company dedicated to providing the best quality metal products. They are committed to providing their customers with the highest-quality materials and artistry at the lowest possible price.

The company's founders are well known for their dedication to ethical business practices and vital customer service. They pride themselves on offering top-notch customer service and creating a positive experience for all their clients.

The company was started with one goal: ensuring every client received what they needed in terms of pricing, quality, and delivery times. They want to continue being known as one of the best suppliers because they've consistently met these goals.


7k Metals Review

They have obtained accreditation from the Better Business Bureau and hold an A+ Rating. In addition, they have received many positive reviews, and no complaints have been filed with the BBB.

Pros & Cons of 7k Metals


Your money would be well served by being placed in the hands of the company. The following is a list of the many benefits:

Product Assortment

The Product assortment of the 7K Metals Company is impressive. It offers premium components, assemblies, stamped metal parts, and a multilevel marketing opportunity. 7K Metals also provides affordable precious metals.

Whether you're interested in jewelry, coins, or other items, you'll be able to find them in 7k Metals' product assortment. The company also offers a multilevel marketing opportunity, and its company profile contains many positive reviews.

While 7k Metals does not sell gold, silver, or platinum, they sell other precious metals, jewelry, and accessories at member prices. If you live in the U.S., 7k Metals sells its products worldwide and in multiple countries.

You can also join the 7k Metals team as a member and get access to bulk rates and excellent deals. Members can also join a travel savings card for even more benefits.

7k Metals Is a Multi-level Marketing Company

If you're considering joining a network marketing program, you should read this 7K Metals review before making any decision. This multilevel marketing program offers a variety of useful and needed products. There are also several complaints about this company.

This 7K Metals review will discuss the products, the program, and the benefits of recruiting. Before joining 7K Metals, it's essential to understand that it's not for beginners.

First, 7K Metals is a multi-step program that will cost about 500 to 1,000 dollars upfront. It has a complicated compensation plan that involves selling coins, renewing memberships, and recruiting new members.

You earn points for every successful action you take. For example, recruiting new members earns you 100 points, while selling coins earns you 20 points. Despite this complicated compensation plan, the benefits of this company's multilevel marketing program are worth considering.

7k Metals is a multilevel marketing company that sells a variety of metals and numismatic coins. Four MLM veterans founded the company.

However, it does not provide an income disclosure statement. According to the Life Goal Finisher, the income potential of MLM is very limited. According to the FTC, 99% of the people who join MLM companies will lose their money.

The company offers several levels of membership. The basic plan costs $199 a month, and you will get substantial training. You can also recruit family members and friends. In addition, the company ships to different countries, which means that the business is global.

Although the business is based in the United States, it sells its products in several countries. 7K Metals uses a binary compensation plan, which is common in MLM businesses. You can earn 50 points for bringing in $199 worth of members.

It Allows You to Make Money by Recruiting Others

If you are looking for a multilevel marketing opportunity, 7K Metals might be right. The program is perfect for dance schools, martial arts schools, churches, or other related organizations.

It is important to note that recruiting others can be challenging. This recruiting opportunity requires you to reach out to strangers and make them your downline members. You should be extroverted and able to handle rejection.

The 7k Metals compensation program is based on a point system that measures productivity. When you recruit a new member, you will earn 100 points; each time your referral purchases bullion, you will get 25 points. All activities inside the company will award you with a certain number of points.

Once your recruit reaches 500 points, you will receive a weekly payment of $500. If your recruits reach 1,000 points, they will receive $1000 per week. 7k Metals also offers matching bonuses, which are based on specific percentages of the commissions of the recruits.

Although it sounds like a legitimate company, 7K Metals is not for everyone. To succeed, you'll need to spend time contacting people; some may not be interested in joining. To earn commissions from 7K Metals, you'll have to refer a friend who is already a member.

You'll need a referral ID. Your referral's ID is displayed in the affiliate dashboard. Once they join, you'll need to pay $10 monthly to access the program. Then, if you refer someone, you'll earn commissions every time they buy.

It takes about a week to get 1,000 points, and you can also get a 5% matching bonus if you are a new member. Despite the high membership fee, the 7k Metals Company may be worth it if you invest time and effort to earn points.

It Offers Rare Collectible Coins and Custom Jewelry

The company's unique buy-back program is a great way to get the metals you've lusted after at a discounted price. After you submit your coins, 7K Metals will check to see if they're part of the buy-back program and then send you a quote.

Prices change frequently, so you may want to check the price before purchasing. The company also offers a generous compensation plan with no profit margins.

The company's products include coins celebrating fighter jet pilots. These limited edition coins feature black proof finishes, ultra-high relief, and partly polished honeycomb patterns. Members are given access to various coin collections.

Several newsletters and 7K Vault Reports are published, giving the company access to valuable information from various sources. If you're looking for a unique way to celebrate your favorite sports figures, 7K Metals' custom jewelry is the perfect option.

It has A "Binary" Compensation Plan

The compensation plan of 7K Metals works in a binary structure, where you've placed at the top of a team, and members on your left or right are at the bottom of the pyramid. Your commissions are calculated based on the people's points on each level beneath you.

To start earning money, all you have to do is recruit new members. You can get a matching bonus of 5% for each new member you recruit. The minimum amount of sales you need to recruit is $100 for a primary member and $150 for a premium member.

To earn the highest commissions with 7K Metals, you must purchase a certain amount of gold each month. You must maintain a certain number of monthly points to remain a premium member. This compensation plan is not for beginners.

It may not be the best choice if you have no experience in MLM or are skeptical about compensation plans. However, 7K Metals may be a good fit if you're looking for a new opportunity.

It Has A Deal With A Private Safe Company

You can earn money with 7k Metals by referring people to the site. You earn 100 points for every person who joins the site as an affiliate. Each referral earns 5% of the person's total earnings. To earn money with 7k Metals, you must earn at least 25 points per month. After you reach this threshold, you can earn up to $500 in weekly commissions.

It Has a Referral Program

A referral program is an excellent way to make money with 7k Metals. They have a referral program that is both simple and effective. You will receive rewards for referring others to 7k Metals, which will help you earn cash when your referrals buy from them.

You will also get bonuses for every referral you send to them. If you're interested in joining the 7k Metals business opportunity, you should become a member.

This referral program will allow you to earn cash quickly by signing up new members and making a sale to them. The 7K Metals Company offers various membership levels, and members receive substantial training, including building two legs and earning points.

Each referral earns fifty points for bringing in a $199 member, and you can earn up to $1000 per week when your referrals buy coins. Referrals can earn up to $25,000 a week by becoming an affiliate of the 7k Metals Company.


It Has a High Membership Fee

The 7k Metals Company has a reasonably high membership fee of 500-1,000. They operate on a binary compensation plan, which means you earn points if you recruit new members or make purchases from the company's store.

The membership fee is relatively high, which may concern new members. Another problem with 7k Metals is that you must enroll in auto-delivery to receive your metals. If you cancel, you might end up stuck with unwanted inventory. Despite being a relatively new company, 7k Metals' failure rate is high. If you have trouble recruiting friends and family, you might want to look elsewhere.

It Requires You to Pay for Unforeseen Costs

While joining 7k Metals, you will need to pay a fee to join. This fee is almost double what you'll pay for a standard membership, and you must also pay for the 'Travel savings card' to use it. Nevertheless, this card will provide great benefits, such as cheap travel deals.

The travel savings card also helps you find the best vacation destinations and resort deals. Once you're a member, you will get monthly travel savings dollars that you can use to book your trip.

There are many cons to 7k Metals, including the lack of transparency with their compensation plan. The company requires you to pay for a 'Travel savings card' and recruit two monthly members to earn commissions.

While their products are marketed to U.S. residents, they sell in multiple countries. Moreover, the company uses the Binary compensation plan, which is popular among MLM businesses. This is also why many teams choose 7k Metals over other similar programs.

It Doesn't Make Much In Coin Sales

If you're wondering if 7K Metals is a scam or a legitimate business, you've come to the right place. This Idaho-based company claims to be a multilevel marketing company, and they chose this structure to motivate their sales force.

In exchange for a membership fee, they promise to make a profit in a reasonable amount of time. Besides, they say their goal is to help more people worldwide become financially stable. However, these claims are not backed up by any evidence.

To make money with 7K Metals, you must sign up for a premium membership. This costs $499 annually, but you'll receive over $1500. In addition to coins, you can also earn $250 to $500 a week by selling other people's Amazon memberships.

7K Metals works similarly to other MLMs, and affiliate marketing practices are very similar. As long as you're serious about making money with affiliate marketing, 7K Metals is a legit opportunity.

It Lacks Scalability

In a network marketing company, scalability is key. 7K Metals lacks scalability, so you're limited to the number of people you can recruit and reach. This is a problem that plagues MLMs. Scalability is essential because you can't get rich if you're the only salesperson.

In an MLM, you recruit downline members who, in turn, recruit new salespeople. While 7k Metals offers a legitimate business opportunity, its MLM model makes it difficult to scale, and the company doesn't allow unaffiliated people to sell their products.

That means you can't make a profit in 7k Metals until you've reached a specific sales volume. Despite having a legit product, you might be better off staying away from 7K Metals until you've gained experience with network marketing.

The company's compensation structure is unattractive and confusing, and members are placed below other members in a pyramid structure. Additionally, the compensation structure isn't scalable since you cannot scale to a high level.

Also, 7K Metals' compensation structure doesn't offer training or any compensation structure. Although 7K Metals may offer wholesale prices, they lack scalability, so you need to recruit many people to reach the potential.

Lacks Transparency

The company does not operate openly. When you buy their products online, the company does not provide any information about how much gold has been sold or your total costs, and it is not easy to determine how much money you spend on your purchases.

Because they do not disclose any information regarding this business model component, it isn't easy to calculate how much you will spend on these products.


7k metals is a company that will supply you with the best quality gold and silver. You will have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to these products. And their prices are pocket friendly. You will not find any other company that sells its products at the same price range that this company offers. So once you have any issues or complaints, you can always return to this company for better help and solutions to your problems.

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