Why is SEO Not Dead?

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SEO can be defined as a set of techniques used to help convince Google and other search engines that your website is relevant for a particular keyword or phrase. Some experts nowadays are convinced that SEO is dead. They believe that Google can now recognize worthy websites on its own, and that any tricks meant to fool this colossal search engine may do more harm than good.
Are they correct?
This is a highly debated question these days, but the fact of the matter is that so many companies are still using SEO that it’s hard to believe it’s going to go away anytime soon.
Here are other reasons why SEO is still alive and kicking:
The Most Fundamental Techniques Still Work
The same principles of SEO are still in play even after Google has made so many changes to its algorithms. You still want your web pages and articles to have titles that contain important keywords, you want your website constantly updated, and you need other good websites to link to yours.
This has been verified so many times in so many case studies. The basic techniques still work and failing to apply them on your web site can have a negative impact on your search engine rankings.
SEO Methods are Adapting to Modern Trends
The essential rule of survival in biology is adaptation. If you can’t adjust to new circumstances, then your race will die and disappear like the dinosaurs. But SEO experts have successfully adapted to modern Google rules, and that means old black hat tricks such as keyword stuffing are no longer used.
What they use now are techniques that comply with the guidelines set by Google itself. Here are some examples:
· Google awards higher rankings to websites that accommodate mobile users, and so many SEO experts recommend a responsive web design to their clients.
· It also looks at the site’s bounce rate and this is why SEO experts always make it a point to tell their clients about the importance of fast-loading websites that offer a clear idea of what their content is about.
· Moreover, Google wants websites to focus on improved user experience, which is why factors such as ease of navigation are considered crucial and necessary.
· The use of inbound links are also being evaluated, and this is why SEO companies only link to popular websites within their client’s industry/niche.
These are just some of the things that SEO experts nowadays are focusing on, to succeed in optimizing their clients’ websites.
It’s Cost-Effective
One of the main reasons for the seeming immortality of SEO is that it doesn’t require a big budget, yet the benefits are tremendous. You get greater brand awareness among customers, greater legitimacy, more traffic, and more sales. You get to reach out to a lot of potential customers, because people nowadays do their research on Google before they make a purchase decision.
In spite of all the benefits of SEO, the cost is nothing compared to traditional marketing media, such as print and broadcast advertising. It even provides a comparatively better ROI than other types of online marketing tactics, such as PPC, social media marketing, and buying leads.
So why is SEO not dead yet? The short and simple answer is – because it still works.