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If you don’t do your on-page SEO right, you hardly have any chance of obtaining the top spots for your targeted key phrases, even if you’ve have promising PR campaign and an awesome website!
It’s a typical mistake by any site owner to disregard the importance of on-page SEO. On-page SEO is one of the foundations to your SEO campaign. Get it right with us and you’ll succeed on your search engine ranking, get it wrong and you’ll never see your site on top of your targeted key phrases.

  • blue checkAppropriate URL Structures
  • blue checkEasy to use navigation ( sitemaps, menus, etc)
  • blue checkOptimized internal links
  • blue checkText Formatting (h1,h2, etc)
  • blue checkImage optimization (image, ALT tag, etc)
  • blue check404 pages
  • blue checkFast loading pages
  • blue checkGoogle Authorship
  • blue checkTop quality unique content



There are numerous reasons on-page SEO is essential for your campaign.

  • blue checkIt improves your website’s overall SEO performance.
  • blue checkIt will also make sure that your traffic is more focused and relevant.
  • blue checkIt’s white hat and safe.
  • blue checkUsability, in-turn, make people visit your website because they like it.

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