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Search engine optimization in simple terms is making sure that your website is working well and sending out all the right signals to Google in all the best possible way. When you do this correctly, the site is rewarded in the rankings. When the site moves up in the rankings that means more calls, which means more money. SEO for law firms is different than any other business and someone who does not specialize in the legal field can’t just come into it and think that they can make a difference. Success in this field means experience working with a multitude of law firms and really knowing the market.

Lawyers are very competitive in nature and they do all they can to get ahead but the key to law firm SEO is working and thinking smarter than the others. Idea Group is basically a think tank of the smartest people in the SEO business where we can constantly bounce ideas off of each other to get ahead of the game.

Can’t you just buy your way to the first page?

We get this question a lot, especially with lawyers that are successful but have not yet understood how to make money from the Internet. In Law there are a lot of legal directories all over the Internet. Some cost upwards of $500 a month just to put you on one page where all it is really creating is a link that no one will ever see. The thought process for them generally is: if I buy enough of these then I can just get ahead of the next person. The problem with this idea though is that Google is ahead of the curve. They understand when something is a directory and they understand when every single person has the same links. In that case those links are not going to be as valuable. Google cares about quality content and having citations in unique articles showing that your law firm is authoritative. We work with law firms consistently to help them build their brand in order to see success across the board.

A three-step process

When we have legal clients we usually tell them that this is somewhat of a three-step process. We recently had a DUI Law Firm in San Diego come to us and get us on board for a paid consultation about their site. DUIs are very competitive in California and especially in San Diego. DUIs are something that can be life changing with all of the penalties and consequences that are attached. They wanted our group to really brainstorm and see the best possible way to get their site to the top. We told them it is a three-step process and here is how it works. First we advised them that they need to get the right URL and the right name of the company. At Idea Group we are more than just an SEO company, we are a marketing company and we look for long-term results. The right company name could be the difference between a long successful business and a short term profit. Step #2 is writing the best possible content. A lot of people will pay other companies to write their content because they are “professional content writers” but that is the exact opposite from what you want to do, especially for legal SEO. Lawyers know a lot more than non-lawyers and Google can tell who is writing the content. Make sure the content is informational and it has citations to explain to the reader the whole picture of what they are looking for. The last step is letting us take over and watching your site go up in the rankings. We are experts in building quality white-hat SEO links for your site. We come up with a strategy and immediately go to work.

If you want to hire an SEO company for your law firm, make sure you hire someone with experience in this field who knows the business and who works with lawyers on a daily basis.

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