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Unlike print, TV, and radio advertising, online marketing is much more cost-effective. You don’t need a big budget and yet the benefits it brings to your business are undeniable. When done right SEO can help boost your profits to heights you’ve never thought possible.
Of course, it all depends on what you mean by “online success”. But regardless of how you define it, search engine optimization should be an integral part of your marketing strategy.
Significant Increase in Website Traffic
This is one of the more common metrics when trying to gauge the success of your website. The more people that visit it, the more successful your efforts are. Having more visitors means more people will know what products you offer and become familiar with your brand.
One of the important SEO factors that lead to increased website traffic is your placement in search engine results pages (SERPs) when people use certain keywords that are related to your niche. Numerous studies have confirmed that you get the vast majority of clicks if you’re in the first page of the search results, because people rarely bother searching the second and third page.
And if you’re on the first page, your ranking also matters a lot in terms of the number of clicks you receive. Not surprisingly, the #1 website on page 1 gets the most clicks, followed by #2, and so on.
So if your SEO efforts has succeeded in getting you to the first page, the next hurdle is to get you to advance in the rankings until you get that highly coveted #1 spot. After that, it will be a constant battle to maintain your place at the top.
More People Signing Up for Your Newsletter
Now that people have found your website, the next order of business is to convince them to sign up and join your newsletter, by giving out their email addresses. The more visitors you have on your website, the more you can increase the number of people giving you their email addresses.
There are also other ways which you can try to get their email addresses. You can share with them premium content through membership or offer them a freebie such as an ebook.
Once you have their email address, you now have another way of engaging with your potential customer. You don’t have to wait for them visit your website. You can go to them. Your emails may be announcements regarding new items for sale, new services you offer, or exciting promotions and discounts. You can even send personal messages such as a birthday greeting (and perhaps reveal a special discount!).
Increased Sales
SEO directly affects your revenue. Part of it is due to the sheer increase in traffic. With more people visiting, you now have a greater chance of getting more sales. But it’s more than that. To truly succeed in SEO, you have to improve the quality of your website. You have to take a look at factors such as loading speed, ease of navigation, call to action, and secure payment systems. Not only do these things help SEO, they also improve your conversion rate. After all, what good is getting 1,000 visitors a day if your website cannot turn these visitors into customers? When you ensure your website has all the right elements to convince visitors into buyers, your sales will increase exponentially.