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The Idea-Group and MR-SEO have been extremely successful in the search engines for our company sites and all of our exclusive clients. We specialize in Real Estate, Attorney/Law, Technology, E Commerce, Medical/Cosmetic, Home & Construction Services and many local SEO industries. Our tactics allow our clients to rank in multiple locations and National level keywords.

We are dedicated on working closely with each client giving them personal attention and growing their companies to the next level. Our services go much deeper then just SEO. We have a full game plan for expansion and growth online. We do not accept every client looking for seo services. We only work with clients who want to be engaged in the SEO process and proactive about increasing online lead generation.

We base our company around trust and handwork. When we get to the point of where we are ready to sign a contract it is recommended that you talk to a few of our clients. Its extremely important to understand the quality of services and knowledge of our Firm. All of our SEO work is done In House and never out sourced.

If you are looking for immediate SEO help callĀ 310-752-4604 or email at



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