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Print advertising comes in two basic forms. A business may place an advertisement in a publication such as a newspaper, a magazine, or even a telephone directory. Or it may produce brochures and leaflets, and distribute them to their target customers.
But the fact remains – print advertising is slowly but surely losing popularity, which is why many well-known magazines and even newspapers have closed shop. Many businesses today (especially the smaller ones) now use their websites as their primary platform for marketing and advertising.
Here are some reasons why SEO is better than print advertising:
1. SEO advertises to people who are actually interested in what you have to offer. When you put an ad on the newspaper or magazine, you can only hope that the reader is actually interested in what you have to sell. But there’s always a greater chance that the ad won’t even be noticed.
But SEO, on the other hand, caters to people who have shown interest. That’s because they use keywords that signal what they were looking for. So if a Google user types the words “Orange County Dentist”, then a website that shows an Orange County Dentist will certainly be noticed.
2. You can spread your message everywhere. The Internet is, for the most part, a global platform. While you can limit your SEO keyword focus on a particular neighborhood, city or state, you can reach a global audience if you want to. That’s the beauty of search engines. People everywhere use them to find a website that contains the info they’re looking for.
With print ads, it has the potential to reach thousands of people. But with SEO, you can reach millions.
3. SEO can reach people at home or on the go. There was a time when people mostly used their home or office desktop PC to go online, but that’s not the case anymore. Today, the use of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices is becoming more widespread.
SEO can help those who need directions to the nearest coffee shop, show reviews when buyers want to research product quality, and even reach buyers who are already inside a store, ready to buy but are still looking for a better deal (ie lower price).
With print, you can’t do that. No one goes out of their way to get a newspaper or magazine while they’re driving to the store. They use their smartphones instead.
4. SEO information is more permanent. When you succeed in getting a high ranking in search results through SEO, it’s actually easier to maintain that position just by constantly updating your website and re-applying all the methods you’ve used to get to that position. Besides, if your visitor bookmarks your website, then you won’t need SEO to get back that visitor again.
But with print ads in newspapers and magazines, they get thrown out after a day or two. Essentially, you’re spending thousands of dollars on a print ad that will only be seen for one day.
5. You can measure the results. With SEO, you have two easy ways to see whether or not your efforts are working. You can see your rankings go up, and you can see that you are getting more inbound traffic from search engines.
With print ads, you need a survey to know if a particular buyer was influenced by your ad. And you can’t have a completely accurate gauge to see how your print ads increased your brand’s visibility.

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