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Looking for a TRUSTED SEO firm that can deliver results? Our personal SEO solution is based upon top rankings that will convert to new business with incredible ROI. Working together we can change the way you generate online business. Idea-Group is the sister company of Top ranked SEO agency in Northern California.

Services We Provide

Site Audit

Audit your site pages and structure completely and make your site search engine friendly and mobile ready

SEO Penalty Removal

SEO Penalty Removal service that determine all of the major obstacles that are seriously affecting your search visibility.

Content Marketing

Create and share unique and relevant content for the purpose of marketing your product or service.

Social Media Management

Enhance your social media management to publish your social messages, bring in leads and converse with prospects.

Local SERP

Enhance your visibility on local search engine result page.

Organic SERP

Boost your visibility by increasing your organic ranking.

Keyword Research

Improve your presence on local and organic search engine result page by starting right with keyword research

Link Building Strategy

Link building strategies that help you earn trust and authority with search engines like Google.

Analytics Reporting

Provide detailed web performance data in regards to the site that you have set up.

On-page SEO

Providing Google the perfect road map for optimal On Page SEO

Off-page SEO

Building trust and authority in your business website while obtaining visibility, top rankings and traffic.

Lead Generation

Converting traffic into business opening a new pipeline of customers/clients

Marijuana SEO & Advertising

They are calling this industry the green gold rush. Many companies are learning SEO is the key to online success in the Cannabis space. Growing rankings means growing sales. The Idea-Group has been working with

Building brand awareness and helping generate new pipelines of clients in the cannabis space. The best way to build your brand online is to work with a team of marijuana seo specialist who are comfortable in this marketplace. We have been helping Delivers and brick and mortar collectives make a statement on the web.



Los Angeles SEO

Is your Los Angles Business or website having problems being found online? The Idea-Group can help separate your business with our premier Las Angels SEO services. We specialize in targeting high traffic keywords then converting them into new business online. Google provides some of the best opportunities to grow your company threw online lead generation.
The Idea-Group Los Angles SEO company is Looking to expand your business from San Diego to all over Los Angeles? We will help your business obtain top rankings using our multi location expansion techniques. We have proven these methods and have been taking lead generation to the next level. There is no better way to obtain new clients/customers then using search engine optimization

Multi Location Expansion

Our sister site has taken over the SEO industry in Northern California: San Francisco, Oakland, Silicon Valley, San Jose, Los Gatos, Fremont, Fairfield, Fairfax, Monterey and many more! Google “San Francisco SEO” or any of these cities. You will find mass coverage threw many different keywords obtaining new business online consistently. In addition, we have partnered with some of the best web design firms in San Francisco to provide you with superior website design to help convert all your new traffic to qualified leads.

Why Your Business Needs Google SEO

Just about every business owner who runs a website understands the importance of SEO. But in most cases, it seems like the term “search engine optimization” is simply the politically-correct version of the truth. SEO experts aren’t really dividing their attention on different search engines per se. Instead, they focus on just a single search engine—the all mighty Google.

More People Use Google

When people assume that everyone uses Google, it’s not an exaggeration. More people use Google than other search engines combined and they use it very frequently.

Hard to believe? Here are some Google stats to prove it:

  • In the US, more than 67% of desktop PC searches are done through Google. And this search engine is popular in every state, without exception. In fact, there is no state in the US where Google’s share ever dropped below 50%.
  • Google is even more dominant among mobile users in the country, as it accounts for more than 87% of all mobile searches.
  • Around the world, about 1.17 billion people use Google every month, with close to 12 billion searches.
  • More than 88% of Internet users in the world use Google. Yahoo and Bing compete for second place, but on average their market share is just a little over 4%. The much ballyhooed Baidu accounts for only 0.55% of the searches.

By any measure you can use, it’s simply undeniable that there are more potential customers that can be reached through Google than any other search engine. So as an online business, you go where the customers are, and they’re on Google.

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Search Engine Facts

Users focus on organic results, ignoring paid ads.
Users never travel beyond the first page of search results
Of all clicks are received by top 3 ranking websites
Users click on the 1st organic ranking website